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Marine Technology and Engineering, Two Volume Set CENTEC Anniversary Book

    1480 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Marine Technology and Engineering commemorates the 15th anniversary of the Centre for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC), a research unit of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the Engineering Faculty of the Technical University of Lisbon, and is associated with the 100th anniversary of IST. CENTEC was initially set up under the name Unit of Marine Technology and Engineering (UETN), and is now organised in the following research groups: Marine Environment, Marine Dynamics and Hydrodynamics, Marine Structures, and Safety, Reliability and Maintenance. CENTEC members have participated in approximately 85 EU-funded projects and 50 nationally funded  projects, and have edited about 40 books and published more than 400 journal papers and 800 book chapters or conference papers.

    The two volumes of Marine Technology and Engineering bring together 84 review papers from specialists worldwide who have cooperated with CENTEC and from present CENTEC members. This publication is a valuable source of information for researchers and PhD students interested in Marine Environment, in Dynamics and Hydrodynamics, in Structures and in Safety and Reliability.

    VOLUME 1

    Marine Environment

    Nonlinear ocean wave groups with high waves, F. Arena
    Joint long term models of met-ocean parameters, E.M. Bitner-Gregersen
    New generation of wind and wave climate handbooks—guide to naval architect and for offshore activity, A.V. Boukhanovsky, E.S. Chernyshyova, S.V. Ivanov & L.I. Lopatoukhin
    Non-linear and non-stationary sea waves, Z. Cherneva & C. Guedes Soares
    Metocean data and models for application in the offshore industry, K.C. Ewans
    Large waves in sea states, C. Guedes Soares, Z. Cherneva, P.G. Petrova & E.M. Antao
    Long term and extreme value models of wave data, C. Guedes Soares & M. Scotto
    Analysis of ocean wave measurements—some recent studies, H.E. Krogstad
    Application of navigation radar for estimating wave spectra, J.C. Nieto Borge & C. Guedes Soares
    Nonlinear interactions and extreme waves: Envelope equations and experimental results, M. Onorato & D. Proment
    Short-term wave statistics in sea states with two peaked spectrum, G. Rodriguez, P.G. Petrova & C. Guedes Soares
    High resolution wave model simulations in the Portuguese nearshore, E. Rusu, M. Goncalves & C. Guedes Soares
    Hindcast studies of the wave conditions on the Portuguese coast, L. Rusu, M. Bernardino, P. Pilar & C. Guedes Soares
    Modelling of deep-water rogue waves: Different frameworks, A.V. Slunyaev, A.V. Sergeeva & E.N. Pelinovsky
    On the use of Vector Autoregressive (VAR) and Regime Switching VAR models for the simulation of sea and wind state parameters, S. Solari & P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder
    Analysis of random waves in ocean engineering, C.T. Stansberg
    On the distribution of large wave heights: Nonlinear effects, M.A. Tayfun
    Application of the Hilbert Huang Transform analysis to sea waves, A.D. Veltcheva & C. Guedes Soares
    Wave hindcasting: Purpose and design, R. Weisse & H. Gunther

    Dynamics & Hydrodynamics

    Structural reliability including response to breaking wave loads and the assessment of cracks in connections, N.D.P. Barltrop & L. Xu
    Dynamic simulation techniques for the evaluation of the propulsion system behavior, G.B. Benvenuto & M. Figari
    Model tests and simulations on a wave energy converter based on inverse offshore engineering, B. Buchner
    Response based design—limiting loads and motions of offshore structures in extreme sea states, G.F. Clauss
    Hydroelasticity of marine structures, A. Ergin & B. Uğurlu
    Slamming and green-water phenomena on ships, O.M. Faltinsen & M. Greco
    Vertical bending moments on a turret moored FPSO platform induced by extreme waves, N. Fonseca & C. Guedes Soares
    Nonlinear maneuvering theory and path-following control, T.I. Fossen
    Contemporary approaches in the hydroelastic analysis of floating and submerged structures, D. Karmakar, J. Bhattacharjee & T. Sahoo
    Second order wave induced loads on vertical bodies of revolution, S.A. Mavrakos & I.K. Chatjigeorgiou
    Guidance and control of autonomous vehicles, L. Moreira & C. Guedes Soares
    Dynamics and control of ocean systems, H.M. Morishita & E.A. Tannuri
    Random wave-induced scour around marine structures using a stochastic method, D. Myrhaug & M.C. Ong
    On the assessment of coupled parametric rolling of ships in head seas, M.A.S. Neves & C.A. Rodriguez
    Roll damping of flat-bottom hulls: Critique of the quadratic reason, A.C. Oliveira & A.C. Fernandes
    Rule related developments on wave-induced loads for ships and offshore structures, H. Rathje & T.E. Schellin
    Development of a methodology for parametric rolling prediction, S. Ribeiro e Silva & C. Guedes Soares
    Modelling wave induced ship motions and loads, D. Sen, R. Datta & S.P. Singh
    A sophisticated beam model for hydroelastic analysis of Ultra Large Container Ships, I. Senjanović, N. Vladimir, M. Tomić & Š. Malenica
    Comparative study of numerical simulation methods on the prediction of parametric roll of ships in waves, D.A. Spanos & A.D. Papanikolaou
    Mathematical models for simulation of manoeuvring performance of ships, S. Sutulo & C. Guedes Soares
    Hydroelasticity of ships: Taking stock and looking to the future, P. Temarel
    Virtual Environments for simulation and study of maritime scenarios, J.M. Varela, A.J. Cacho & C. Guedes Soares
    Modelling of green water loading and manoeuvring of ships, K.S. Varyani
    Computational fluid mechanics and vortex induced vibrations, J.B.V. Wanderley, S.H. Sphaier & C.A. Levi
    Geometrical and viscosity effects on the hydrodynamic properties of heaving cylinders, R.W. Yeung, W.Y. Toh & Y. Jiang

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    VOLUME 2

    Marine Structures

    Product lifecycle management in the shipbuilding and shipping industries, C. Cabos, W. Grafe & M. Grau
    Optimal design and control of nonlinear structures and mechanical systems, J.B. Cardoso, A.J. Valido & P.P. Moita
    Ultimate strength and reliability of composite material structures, N-Z. Chen & C. Guedes Soares
    Collision strength of ship structures–a state of the art review, S. Ehlers, K. Tabri & P. Varsta
    Fatigue strength assessment of welded ship structures based on experimental and numerical analyses, W. Fricke
    Fatigue assessment of marine structures, Y. Garbatov, S. Rudan, B. Gaspar & C. Guedes Soares
    Ultimate strength of ship structures, J.M. Gordo, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares
    A review on development of weld induced distortion analysis, N.R. Mandal & P. Biswas
    Ultimate strength of ships and offshore structures, J.K. Paik
    Optimization of ship structures, Ph. Rigo & J-D. Caprace
    Buckling strength of thin-walled elements with initial geometric imperfections, Z. Sadovsky
    Designing for protection against collision, M.S. Samuelides
    Impact on marine composite laminated materials, L.S. Sutherland & C. Guedes Soares
    Methods for analysis of the ultimate capacity and structural response of stiffened panels, M. Taczala
    Corrosion protection of steel ships—localized high strain failures of protective coating, A. Ulfvarson
    Geometric modelling and product data management in ship design, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares
    Ship crashworthiness in risk based design, A.W. Vredeveldt

    Safety, Reliability & Maintenance

    Foundations of risk assessment, T. Aven
    Simulation methods in structural reliability, C. Bucher
    Use of particle swarm in the maintenance plan optimization, S. Carlos, S. Martorell, M. Villamizar & A. Sanchez
    Structural reliability of intact and damaged ship hull girders, P.K. Das
    Reliability based maintenance of marine structures, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares
    Corrosion modeling in marine structures, Y. Garbatov, A. Zayed & C. Guedes Soares
    On the use of imperfect monitoring information in condition-based maintenance decision making, A. Grall, A. Barros, M. Fouladirad & C. Berenguer
    On some aspects of the reliability of ship’s hull girder structure, L.D. Ivanov
    Occupational safety in several industrial sectors, C. Jacinto, T. Fialho, P. Antao & C. Guedes Soares
    Some multivariate probability distributions for reliability assessment of marine structures, B.J. Leira & D. Myrhaug
    Reliability of intact and damaged ships in the ultimate limit state: a review, T. Moan, Z. Shu & H. Jia
    Queuing systems and quality management as part of “Stochastic Science & Engineering”, M.F. Ramalhoto
    Reliability centered maintenance, M. Rausand
    Deterministic and probabilistic methods applied to damage stability, T.A. Santos & C. Guedes Soares
    Petri nets modelling and calculations for RAM and SIL analyses, J-P. Signoret
    Formal safety assessments and risk based design in the maritime industry, R. Skjong
    Reliability-based planning of inspection, operation and maintenance for offshore oil & gas structures and wind turbines J.D. Sorensen
    Reliability assessment of plate elements with random properties, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares
    Assessment of ship structural reliability, A.P. Teixeira, J. Parunov & C. Guedes Soares
    Time-variant structural reliability assessment, A. Zayed, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares
    A snapshot on maintenance modeling and applications, E. Zio & M. Compare


    The role of ports in Short Sea Shipping, H.N. Psaraftis

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