1st Edition

Maritime Security International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand

Edited By Natalie Klein, Joanna Mossop, Donald R. Rothwell Copyright 2010
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    Maritime security is of vital importance to Australia and New Zealand as both countries depend on maritime transport for their economic survival. Since the events of September 11th 2001, significant questions have been raised as to whether Australia and New Zealand are adequately prepared for the consequences of a major disruption to global shipping following a terrorist attack on a leading regional port such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Considerable efforts have also been undertaken to improve responses to an array of maritime security threats, such as transnational crime, environmental pollution, and piracy and armed robbery.

    This volume identifies those issues that particularly affect Australia and New Zealand’s maritime security, evaluating the issues from legal and political perspectives, and proposes methods for improving maritime security in the two countries. While the focus is primarily on Australia and New Zealand, the scope extends to regional considerations, addressing matters related to Pacific Island states, Southeast Asia and the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic region. The book also addresses strategic partnerships examining the influence of the United States, and analyses issues within the broad framework of international law and politics.

    Maritime Security: International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand will be of great interest to scholars of international law, international relations and maritime affairs, maritime industry professionals, private and government lawyers, as well as diplomats, consuls and government officials.

    1. Australia, New Zealand and Maritime Security, Natalie Klein, Joanna Mossop, Donald R. Rothwell  2. Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea, Donald R. Rothwell, Natalie Klein  3. Australia’s Traditional Maritime Security Concerns and Post 9/11 Perspectives, Donald R. Rothwell, Cameron Moore  4. Maritime Security in New Zealand, Joanna Mossop  5. Whose Security is it and How Much of it do We Want? The US Influence on the International Law against Maritime Terrorism, Shirley V. Scott  6. New Zealand and Australia’s Role in Improving Maritime Security in the Pacific Region, Sam Bateman and Joanna Mossop  7. Maritime Security and Shipping Safety in the Southern Ocean, Karen N. Scott  8. Counter-Terrorism and the Security of Shipping in Southeast Asia, Caroline Foster  9. Maritime Security and Oceans Policy, Peter Cozens  10. Act of State Doctrine in the Antipodes: The Intersection of National and International Law in Naval Constabulary Operations, Cameron Moore  11. The Protection of Platforms, Pipelines and Submarine Cables under Australian and New Zealand Law, Stuart Kaye  12. Maritime Domain Awareness in Australia and New Zealand, Chris Rahman  13. Intelligence Gathering and Information Sharing for Maritime Security Purposes under International Law, Natalie Klein  14. Maritime Security in the Twenty-First Century: Contemporary and Anticipated Challenges for Australia and New Zealand, Donald R. Rothwell


    Natalie Klein is an Associate Professor at Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

    Joanna Mossop is a Senior Lecturer in the Law Faculty at Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.

    Donald R. Rothwell is Professor of International Law at the ANU College of Law, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

    "This book brings together an analysis [...] of maritime security written by a group of outstanding Australian and New Zealand scholars in international law and relations. While the focus is regional, the challenges and responses are of universal significance." – Ivan Shearer, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

    "The authors have responded to the growing need to address the important legal issues affecting maritime security for the region around Australia and New Zealand, producing the first and only book to do so. Their work is a comprehensive and well balanced treatment of the issues, providing a high quality resource useful to scholars, students and policymakers considering maritime security in the Australasian region." – Greg Rose, Associate Professor, University of Wollongong, Australia

    "This book contains a wealth of factual information as well as many insightful ideas and comments." – Dr Michael Underdown, Australian & New Zealand Maritime Law Journal, 2010

    "This collection is excellent and has an importance well beyond the shores of Australia and New Zealand." – Prof Ted McDorman, University of Victoria, Ocean Development and International Law, 2010