Aside from Post Modernism, probably the hottest topic today among socialist scholars world-wide is Market Socialism. In this book, four leading socialist scholars present both sides of the debate--two for, and two against--highlighting the different perspectives from which Market Socialism has been viewed. Arguing in favor of Market Socialism are the philosophers David Schweickart and James Lawler. While opposing them and Market Socialism are the political economist Hillel Ticktin and the political theorist Bertell Ollman. The evidence and arguments found in this book will prove invaluable to readers interested in the future of socialism.

    Introduction, Bertell Ollman; Part One for; Chapter 1 Market Socialism: A Defense, David Schweickart; Chapter 2 Marx as Market Socialist, James Lawler; Part Two against; Chapter 3 The Problem is Market Socialism, Hillel Ticktin; Chapter 4 Market Mystification in Capitalist and Market Socialist Societies, Bertell Ollman; Part Three criticism; Chapter 5 Criticism of Ticktin, David Schweickart; Chapter 6 Criticism of Schweickart, Hillel Ticktin; Chapter 7 Criticism of Ollman, James Lawler; Chapter 8 Criticism of Lawler, Bertell Ollman; Part Four response; Chapter 9 Response to Schweickart, Hillel Ticktin; Chapter 10 Response to Ticktin, David Schweickart; Chapter 11 Response to Lawler, Bertell Ollman; Chapter 12 Response to Ollman, James Lawler;


    Bertell Ollman is Professor of Politics at New York University. He is author of Dialectical Investigations (Routledge), Social and Sexual Revolution and Alienation: Marx's Conception of Man in Capitalist Society.

    "... makes for entertaining reading ... Whatever your feelings on socialism are ... you will find yourself engrossed in a political discourse that challenges established beliefs and creates a whole series of new ideas on the future of the political left." -- Michael Taube, The Vancouver Sun
    "The book... is an excellent vehicle for stimulating discussion of such matters. New Political Science, Victos Wallis, Berklee College of Music."
    "Bringing together these debaters provides a very useful snapshot of the nature of the debates that have occurred over the concept of market socialism for many years." -- Michael A. Lebowitz, Critical Sociology
    "Its contribution comes in shedding light on some aspects of the sociolist strategic perspectives... this book could be gainfully used as a supplementary text for seminars in comparative systems or as an engaging reading for anyone interested in the broader issues of socialism." -- Review of Radical Political Economics, Kamran Nayeri