1st Edition

Marketing Management in Africa

    366 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    366 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book focuses on strategies for developing consumer markets in Africa using concepts and techniques from marketing, entrepreneurship, and project management. The authors argue that entrepreneurial activity in Africa is rapid, but limited, and requires a structured approach to drive success.

    Beginning with an introductory chapter that frames the socio-economic and technological developments in Africa, readers are introduced to the conceptual model that provides this structured approach in four logical parts:

    • The creative stage
    • Entrepreneurial and enterprise activities
    • Understanding consumer behavior and market segments
    • A project management-based framework.

    This multidisciplinary approach is supplemented with many examples and cases from a variety of sectors including health care, wind and solar power, and mobile technology. Through these, readers are able to understand how the model is implemented in reality to drive innovative economic and social development. Marketing Management in Africa will prove a valuable companion to any student of marketing or entrepreneurship with a particular interest in Africa.



    Recent Developments: Research and Illustrations

    PART 1: Environmental Issues and Macro Marketing

    Section A: Environment

    1. Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Africa: Does Its Effect Vary From Low To Middle-Income Countries?

    Aye Mengistu Alemu and Jin-Sang Lee

    2. Fishing in Dangerous Waters? How Narratives of ‘Piracy’ and ‘Security’

    Shaped Development Initiatives in the Somaliland Fishery Sector

    Amanda Møller Rasmussen and Stig Jensen

    Section B: Marketing

    3. Stimulation of Entrepreneurship in African Markets Using Cluster Theory

    Jens Graff

    4. Social Marketing and Health Care

    George Tesar

    5. Business to business marketing implications for smaller enterprises in Africa

    George Tesar

    PART 2: Micro Marketing

    Section A: Finance

    6. ICT Facilitated Financial Service Deliveries in Africa

    John Kuada

    7. Mobile transactions: A powerful channel to drive financial inclusion.

    Evidence from Kenya: M-PESA Model

    Mario Testa and Marco Pellicano

    8. The Mobile Money Revolution

    Jan-Erik Jaensson

    9. Financing Behavior of Entrepreneurial Ventures in Tanzania

    Tumsifu Elly

    Section B: Consumption

    10. Advancing Water Purification Technology & Delivery in Africa

    Steven W. Anderson

    11. Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior in Africa

    John Kuada and Andreea Bujac

    12. Factors Determining the Rise of Modern Food Retailing in East Africa: Evidence From Tanzania

    Felix Adamu Nandonde and John Kuada

    Section C: Agriculture

    13. Understanding the role of business development services in developing

    agribusiness SMEs in Tanzania

    Lola-Bona Vincent Lema and Daniel Wilson Ndyetabula

    14. The Role of ICT Products in Agricultural and Agribusiness Value Chain Development in Tanzania. The Case of Tanga Fresh Limited (TFL).

    Abdallah Mmeta, Anna Temu, and Daniel Ndyetabula

    15. Fruit Drying Process to Enhance Agricultural Productivity in Sub-Sahara Africa

    Hassimi Traore


    George Tesar is Professor Emeritus of Marketing and International Business at Umeå University, Sweden, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, USA.

    Steven W. Anderson is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, USA.

    Hassimi Traore is Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, USA.

    Jens Graff is a retired academic and author of six textbooks in business administration. He was previously an Associate Professor at Woosong University, Korea.