3rd Edition

Marketing Planning Guide

By Bruce Wrenn, Phylis M Mansfield Copyright 2006
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    378 Pages
    by Routledge

    THE CLASSIC guide to develop a marketing plan—completely updated!

    The newly revised Marketing Planning Guide, Third Edition is the step-by-step guide that gives you the tools to prepare an effective marketing plan for a company, product, or service. With over 50 pages of updated material, this classic textbook has the solid foundation of knowledge and philosophy of the previous editions while adding essential new information on Internet marketing, business ethics, and an illustrative sample business plan. Worksheets at the end of each chapter guide you in creating your own plan—once all the worksheets are completed you will have roughed out your own complete marketing plan. The accompanying instructor's package includes a helpful manual, a detailed sample course syllabus, and a test bank featuring a multiple-choice and true-false questions for each chapter with answers.

    This edition of the Marketing Planning Guide contains clear tables and diagrams, is fully referenced, and has updated examples for easy understanding of concepts. It shows how to:

    • analyze the market, consumers, the competition, and opportunities
    • develop strategy and marketing objectives
    • make product, place, promotional, and price decisions
    • realize the financial impact of marketing strategies
    • implement, audit, and control your marketing plan
    And now the Marketing Planning Guide, Third Edition is updated to include:
    • extensive information on Internet marketing
    • new examples illustrating the process
    • a complete sample marketing plan
    • end of chapter worksheets providing step-by-step instructions
    • Internet data sources
    This is the definitive book for marketing professionals who want to use a “hands on” approach for learning the planning process. It will guide anyone through the steps of preparing an effective marketing plan.

    • About the Authors
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1. The Importance of Marketing Planning
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Starbucks
    • Introduction
    • What Is Marketing?
    • What Is Planning?
    • Planning’s Place in the Organization
    • The Marketing Planning Process
    • The Marketing Plan Format
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Organizational Considerations in Marketing Planning
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Simple Is Best
    • Introduction
    • Organizational Purpose
    • Organizational Objectives and Strategies
    • Organizing for Planning
    • Organizational Structure
    • Coordination and the Planning Process
    • Organizational Structure and Market Responsiveness
    • Summary
    • Chapter 3. Database Marketing Planning: Getting Needed Information
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Hyundai Motor Company
    • Introduction
    • Database Marketing
    • Marketing Research
    • Decision Making
    • Types of Data
    • Steps in a Marketing Research Project
    • Summary
    • Chapter 4. Product/Market Analysis
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Napster and the Advent of Music File Sharing
    • Introduction
    • Environmental Scanning
    • The Strategic Implications of Product/Market Analysis
    • Sales Analysis
    • Cost Analysis
    • Summary
    • Chapter 5. Consumer Analysis
    • Marketing Planning in Action: The Antiaging Movement
    • Introduction
    • Market Segmentation
    • Psychographics/Lifestyle Segmentation
    • Market Grid Analysis
    • Market Potential
    • Summary
    • Chapter 6. Competitive Analysis
    • Marketing Planning in Action: The Package Delivery Industry
    • Introduction
    • The Concept of Competitive Advantage
    • Purpose of Competitive Analysis
    • Competitive Forces and Advantages
    • Summary
    • Chapter 7. Opportunity Analysis
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Reinventing Barbie
    • Introduction
    • Problems versus Opportunities
    • Internal Factors
    • Other Factors
    • Ranking Opportunities
    • Summary
    • Chapter 8. Marketing Objectives
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Kodak
    • Introduction
    • What Are Objectives?
    • Alternatives to Managing by Objectives
    • Characteristics of Good Objectives
    • Types of Objectives Included in a Marketing Plan
    • Using Situation Analysis to Set Objectives
    • Summary
    • Chapter 9. Marketing Strategy Development
    • Marketing Planning in Action: Mercedes
    • Introduction
    • What Is Strategy?
    • Elements of Marketing Strategy
    • Alternate Marketing Strategies
    • Factors Influencing the Strategy Selected
    • Summary
    • Chapter 10. Product Decisions
    • Marketing Planning in Action: DuPont
    • Introduction
    • Product: The First Component of the Marketing Mix
    • What Is a Product?
    • Product Positioning Strategies
    • Quality- and Value-Based Marketing
    • Service Strategy
    • Improving Customer Perceptions of Service Quality
    • New-Product Development Decisions
    • Changing Existing Products
    • Product Line Decisions
    • Branding Decisions
    • Packaging and Labeling Decisions
    • Summary
    • Chapter 11. Place Decisions
    • Marketing Planning in Action: The Changing Face of Retail Stores
    • Introduction
    • Who Will Be Channel Captain?
    • Which Type of Channel Should Be Used?
    • Which Kind of Middlemen Should Be


    Bruce Wrenn, Phylis M Mansfield