2nd Edition

Marketing Planning for the Pharmaceutical Industry

By John Lidstone, Janice MacLennan Copyright 1999

    Marketing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector requires a particular set of skills; its intricacies mean planning is an essential prerequisite. The marketing planning system described in this book has been designed to enable marketing and product executives to produce a plan which serves as a dynamic management tool which will help them to get from where they are now to where they want to be next year and thereafter. Now in its second edition, this bestselling book has become the standard text for all product managers, marketing managers and directors working in this demanding industry. John Lidstone and Janice MacLennan have updated the book to embrace best current practice. A new orientation to external analysis and a reworking of the application of SWOT analysis, along with fresh material on sales forecasting and strategy implementation, bring the book up to date with current thinking and industry trends. Marketing Planning for the Pharmaceutical Industry is based on real life experience built up over many years. Each chapter takes the reader through the sequential stages of planning so that by the end they will be able to produce a practical plan ready for implementation. It is the only book of this type which tailors marketing to those working in the sector and as such is a unique, invaluable and indispensable resource.

    Foreword; Introduction; The external analysis; The internal analysis; The SWOT analysis; Product strategy; Sales forecasting and strategy; Strategy implementation; Communications and its role in strategy implementation; Marketing research; Implementation and control; Writing the plan; Glossary of marketing terms; Index.


    John Lidstone is an internationally recognised leader in management and marketing consultancy. He retired as Deputy Chairman of Marketing Improvements Group Plc in 1993, after spending nearly thirty years helping to build it into one of the foremost firms in marketing consultancy, research and training operating throughout the world, following eleven years with the Shell Group and teaching at Repton School. He created and built the group’s healthcare division and directed marketing consultancy assignments for 45 multinational pharmaceutical companies working for them in over 42 countries. This included developing, testing and installing marketing planning systems from which the material in this book is derived. He is also the author of 15 other books. In 1993 he returned to the academic world to write the distance-learning marketing modules for the MBA programme of the University of Surrey’s School of European Management and as Marketing Adviser to the School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi. He also lectures on modules for the MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine and the new MSc in Management Consultancy at Surrey. Janice MacLennan, Managing Director of St Clair Consulting, combines a degree in Pharmacy with extensive in-depth marketing experience in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and related disciplines. From Senior Brand Manager at Beecham Pharmaceuticals, she became a Managing Consultant at a major London-based marketing consultancy, where she met and worked closely with John Lidstone. Janice then went on to found St Clair Consulting, enabling her to capitalise on her extensive pharmaceutical and healthcare experience working with multinational companies throughout the world. Janice has rapidly built an enviable reputation with major blue-chip clients and is widely regarded as being an authority on strategic, marketing and business planning for all aspects of healthcare and is also actively involved in the development of process and people in the marketing

    'Marketing Planning for the Pharmaceutical Industry is undoubtedly a classic ... invaluable both to new and experienced managers.' Franz B. Humer, CEO, F. Hoffmann-La Roche 'Not having read the first edition, all I can say is having read this one, I have found it to be the most pragmatic and relevant pharmaceutical marketeers text book.' Ashley Pearce, Commercial Affairs Director, Glaxo Wellcome (Europe, Middle East and Africa.). 'I recommend this book as essential reading for anyone joining our strategic marketing group.' Paul Jenner, Director & VP, Strategic Product Development, SmithKline Beecham. '... the clear writing and accessible, yet extremely rigorous approach remain for me the major attractions of this book. The pages are packed with common sense. Readers, whose hearts sink at the start of a new planning cycle, will be motivated by the claim that following this simple, consistent and universal process can cut down on planning time. I believe it could.' Pharmaceutical Times '... probably the best of the very few books available on marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.' Aslib Book Guide 'A tremendous amount of information is presented in a disarmingly simple and highly memorable fashion. The layout is attractive and easy to read. Useful diagrams which add to the text rather than detracting from it are skilfully deployed at sensible intervals. Quietly, the authors roll out the concepts underlying the whole marketing plan without the reader being enveloped in incomprehensible jargon - the words have been defined and absorbed painlessly by the reader along the way.' Pharmaceutical Physician 'a good way into the subject.' Bibliothek, November 1999 'I consider her [Janice MacLennan] to be one of the best marketers I have met in the pharmaceutical business.' Michaela Golic, Therapy Marketing Manager, Gastrointestinal Area, Emerging Marketing, AstraZeneca