1st Edition

Marketing Planning in a Total Quality Environment

    482 Pages
    by Routledge

    486 Pages
    by Routledge

    Marketing Planning in a Total Quality Environment is a how-to book designed for the marketing practitioner. It provides detailed information on how to prepare and implement a marketing plan based in a total quality environment.

    For the last twenty years, the authors, as marketing practitioners and educators, have been deeply involved in the planning processes of many corporations. This book, Marketing Planning in a Total Quality Environment, is the product of what they've learned over the years from working with these diverse corporations and their executives. The authors provide readers with each step in the total quality planning process, complete with check sheets and plan formats. After readers finish the book, they can prepare a quality-driven marketing plan that will be used and followed throughout the year--instead of becoming a shelf item.

    This book is for you and the many other marketing professionals who are faced with one or more of these situations:

    • You're doing a good job, but you'd like to do even better.
    • You're spending valuable time putting out fires. You lack time to do the things that need to be done.
    • You're always having a hard time coordinating major marketing programs.
    • You're faced with a major discrepancy between where you are and where you'd like to be; you've got a planning gap.
    • You realize that you've got to offer your customers more quality if you're going to be competitive in the new market environment.
    • You'd like to have a professional annual marketing plan--one that will be well received by management and will also keep you and your staff focused throughout the year.
    Because each step on how to develop a marketing plan is covered, Marketing Planning in a Total Quality Environment is ideal for presidents of smaller firms, marketing directors and planners, product managers, and planning specialists. The authors include a sample fact book which can be used to store and analyze data, planning forms which help convert data into information, and marketing plan formats which ensure that the plan will get used.

    • Section I: Introduction
    •  The Need to Build Total Quality Into Your Marketing Plan
    • The Need for a Formal Marketing Plan
    •  Involvement: The Key to Successful Total Quality Planning
    •  How to Make the Plan a Living Document
    •  The “Ideal” Method”
    •  The Micron Case
    • The Role of the Marketing Plan in the Business Plan
    • The Marketing Planning Process--An Overview
    • Section II: The Eight Planning Steps
    • Step 1. SWOTs: Present
    • Step 2. SWOTs: Present (cont.)
    • Step 3. SWOTs Present (cont.)
    •  Step 4. SWOTs Future
    •  Step 5. Gap Analysis
    •  Step 6. Examination of Strategic Options and Strategy Selection
    • Step 7. Strategy Documentation and Evaluation
    • Step 8. Fleshing Out, Documenting, and Formatting the Annual Marketing Plan
    • Section III: Retrospect and Expectation
    • A Look Back and a Look Ahead
    • Section IV: Appendixes
    • Appendix A: Section 1: Forecasting Techniques
    • Section 2: Forecasting Rules of Thumb
    • Appendix B: How to Adjust Financial Statements for Inflation
    •  Appendix C: Fact Book
    •  Appendix D: Product/Service-Target Market Plan
    • Appendix E: Summary Marketing Plan
    • Notess Index


    Robert E. Linneman, PhD, is Professor of Marketing at the School of Business Administration at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been involved in industrial sales as director of marketing for a major corporation and has participated in marketing and planning projects for over 60 companies. Dr. Linneman is the author of the book A Shirt-Sleeve Approach to Corporate Planning and of numerous other publications which have appeared in various professional journals, including The Harvard Business Review, Long-Range Planning, Journal o f Marketing, and Sloan Management Review. He was a National Director and Vice President of Professional Development for the American Marketing Association and also a recipient of the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching.</p> John L. Stanton, Jr., PhD, a consultant, author, practitioner, and teacher of marketing research, currently holds the C. J. McNutt Chair of Food Marketing Research at Saint Joseph’s University. As a consultant, his clients include Campbell Soup Company, Proctor & Gamble, Frito-Lay, Miles Laboratories, Kellogg, PepsiCo, and others, and he recently spent eight months in Germany analyzing retail food store strategies for the European Community. A prolific author, Dr. Stanton has written pioneering articles on sample survey methodologies, data analysis techniques, advertising research, brand preference, segmentation, and positioning research which have appeared in a variety of professional journals. His book Making Niche Marketing Work has been published in three languages.</p>