1st Edition

Marketing Theory Foundations, Controversy, Strategy, and Resource-advantage Theory

By Shelby D. Hunt Copyright 2010

    One of the true classics in Marketing is now thoroughly revised and updated. "Marketing Theory" is both evolutionary and revolutionary. As in earlier editions, Shelby Hunt focuses on the marketing discipline's multiple stakeholders. He articulates a philosophy of science-based 'tool kit' for developing and analyzing theories, law-like generalizations, and explanations in marketing science. Hunt adds a new dimension to the book, however, by developing arguments for the position that Resource-Advantage Theory provides the foundation for a general theory of marketing and a theoretical foundation for business and marketing strategy. Also new to this edition are four chapters adapted and updated from Hunt's "Controversy in Marketing Theory" that analyze the 'philosophy debates' within the field, including controversies with respect to scientific realism, qualitative methods, truth, and objectivity.

    Preface; PART 1. THE NATURE OF MARKETING AND SCIENCE; 1. Introduction; 2. On the Marketing Discipline; PART 2. THE FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING THEORY; 3. On the Morphology of Explanation; 4. Explanation: Issues and Aspects; 5. On the Morphology of Scientific Laws; 6. Scientific Laws: Issues and Aspects; 7. On the Morphology of Theory; 8. Theory: Issues and Aspects; PART 3. CONTROVERSY IN MARKETING THEORY; 9. On Scientific Realism and Marketing Research; 10. On Science/Nonscience, Qualitative Methods, and Marketing Research; 11. On Truth and Marketing Research; 12. On Objectivity and Marketing Research; PART 4. TOWARD A GENERAL THEORY OF MARKETING; 13. The R-A Theory Research Program; 14. Competition Theory, Alderson's Market Processes Theory, and R-A Theory; 15. Strategy and R-A Theory; References; Name Index; Subject Index; About the Author.


    Shelby D. Hunt