1st Edition

Marketing for Cultural Organizations New Strategies for Attracting Audiences - third edition

By Bonita Kolb Copyright 2013
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Marketing for Cultural Organizations presents traditional marketing theory with a focus on the aspects most relevant to arts or cultural organizations. The book explains how to overcome the division between the concepts of high art and popular culture by targeting the new tech savvy cultural consumer.

    As arts patronage has declined, and given new technological advances, arts organizations have had to adapt to a new environment and compete for an audience. This edition emphasizes visitor or audience participation, as well as the use of social media in attracting and maintaining an audience. Learning to harness social media and technology in order to encourage a dialogue with its audience is of primary importance for arts organizations. This book covers:

    - Cost effective methods of researching the audience using technology
    - Developing a consistent, branded online message
    - Using social media to increase audience engagement, and involve them in the creative process

    With an approach that is jargon-free and focused on practical application, this book is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students of arts marketing and cultural management.

    Contents: 1. Cultural Marketing Challenges  2. From High Art to Popular Culture  3. The New Culture Participant  4. Marketing and the External Environment  5. Consumer Motivation and the Purchase Process  6. Consumer Segmentation  7. Researching the Consumer  8. The Product and the Venue  9. Pricing and Funding as Revenue Sources  10. Promotion of the Marketing Message


    Bonita M. Kolb is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Lycoming College, USA. She has published in a number of leading journals and is the author of several books on marketing and non-profit management.

    "Marketing for Cultural Organizations clearly and holistically addresses the current state of cultural organizations with invaluable insight on how to effectively market and engage with today's global, rapidly-evolving audiences. Kolb shares vivid case studies and provides practical examples, giving readers both the knowledge and tools to increase participation, communicate with diverse audiences, and build meaningful connections for their cultural organizations. A 21st century marketing tool-kit for anyone studying or currently working in the arts marketing or management field."

    - Ashley M. Berger, Senior Alumni Outreach Officer, Pratt Institute  

    "Dr. Kolb’s book, Marketing for Cultural Organizations, is an excellent tool for any student studying cultural marketing. Her perspectives on marketing for the cultural and nonprofit landscapes are informed by her international experience, a vital asset in this field today. Dr. Kolb offers incredibly helpful strategies for cultural organizations to succeed against the odds in a post-recession, cross-cultural, and cyber-preoccupied society, in this practical and accessible edition of Marketing for Cultural Organizations."

    - Jenny-Lind Angel, Arts Administrator


    "A valuable guide to promotion for today’s nonprofits (of any size), Marketing for Cultural Organizations summarizes what’s core and critical to not only getting your message out there but also for it to stick. This should be recommended reading for all arts management professionals."

    - AV Goodsell, Friends of the High Line