2nd Edition

Marketing the Arts Breaking Boundaries

Edited By Finola Kerrigan, Chloe Preece Copyright 2023
    313 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    313 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With contributions from international scholars of marketing and consumer studies, this renowned text engages directly with a range of contemporary themes, including:

    • The importance of arts consumption and its socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions
    • The impact of new technologies, platforms, and alternative artforms on the art market
    • The importance of the aesthetic experience itself and how to research it
    • The value of arts-based methods
    • The art versus commerce debate
    • The artist as entrepreneur
    • The role of the arts marketer as market-maker

    This fully updated new edition covers digital trends in the arts and emerging technologies, including virtual reality, streaming services, and branded entertainment. It also broadens the scope of investigation beyond the West looking to film in emerging markets such as China, music in Sub-Saharan Africa, and indigenous art in Australia. Alongside in-depth theoretical analysis, this edition of Marketing the Arts takes inspiration from the creativity inherent in current artistic practice to demonstrate a plurality of approaches and methodologies. Marketing the Arts: Breaking Boundaries is core reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying arts marketing and management. Online resources include chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint slides and questions for class discussion.

    Introduction: Marketing the Arts- Breaking Boundaries

    Finola Kerrigan and Chloe Preece

    Chapter 1: Arts Marketing, Social Justice Activism, and Government Messaging in the Age of Social Media


    Francesca Sobande

     Chapter 2: Arts Marketing & Entrepreneurship – Insights from the Nigerian Music Industry

    Nnamdi Madichie


    Chapter 3: Marketing Nigerian Films

    Ezinne Michaelia Ezepue


    Chapter 4: Marketing art films in contemporary China: Between the rock of politics and the hard place of economy

    Seio Nakajima


    Chapter 5: Researching artistic production: The material turn in arts marketing research

    Hannah Borgblad


    Chapter 6: The Marketing of the Arts in the Age of Curatorial Production

    Matthew Waters


    Chapter 7: Music Streaming and Surveillance Capitalism

    Gary Sinclair and Grace Fox


    Chapter 8: Music festivals and the everyday nature of extraordinary experiences

    Athanasia Daskalopoulou, Dr Alexandros Skandalis


    Chapter 9: Selling Secrets: the role of 'elusivity' in the liminoid invitations of immersive theatre

    Joanna Bucknell


    Chapter 10: Consuming Cuba through dance: an embodied ethnography of Salsa

    Victoria Rodner


    Chapter 11: Poetic orientation for creating and writing

    Pilar Rojas-Gaviria


    Chapter 12: Drawing with women: ethical considerations from an art-based project on domestic violence

    Benedetta Cappellini, Susana Campos and Vicki Harman


    Chapter 13: Accounting for the Selection of Exhibits: Examining the Organisation of Gallery Talks as a Marketing Activity

    Dirk vom Lehn and Linh Dan Nguyen


    Chapter 14: The Many Faces of Indigenous Art: Indigenous Art Market and Decolonizing Perspectives

    Ai Ming Chow


    Chapter 15: Marketing through Art – The Case of Braded Entertainment

    Katharina Stolley and Samantha Glynne


    Chapter 16: Virtual Reality, Film Marketing and Value

    Stephanie Janes


    Chapter 17: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn:What Has Hemingway Ever Done For Us?

    Stephen Brown



    Finola Kerrigan is a Professor of Marketing at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK.

    Chloe Preece is an Associate Professor at ESCP Business School (London), UK.

    Marketing the Arts: Breaking Boundaries is a breakthrough volume that serves as an important introduction for and update on the state of the field. The editors have succeeded in gathering a distinctive and diverse set of contributors who provide thoughtful reflections on the multitude of interactions between art and the market. Full of unexpected insights.

    Jonathan Schroeder, William A. Kern Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

    This second edition does important work for the field of arts marketing because it responds positively to broader demands for the social sciences to decolonise themselves and to address urgent progressive issues. This book, therefore, marks a signal moment for the field of Arts Marketing as its priorities shift. It is a necessary book and presents us with essential reading.

    Alan Bradshaw, Professor of Marketing, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

    Marketing the Arts is, as the title suggests, a truly boundary breaking text. The cases and methods are wide ranging, topical and critical in their analysis, tackling such subjects as social justice to entrepreneurship. The authors do not just talk about the arts, but illustrate how the arts – dance, poetry, drawing, literature, can be used as tools for investigation. It is lively in its presentation and should be a valuable resource for students of marketing, the arts, media studies, sociology and arts management. A genuinely engaging read.

    Christina Goulding, Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK

    I am delighted to learn about a new edition of Marketing the Arts edited by Finola Kerrigan and Chloe Preece.  These editors have expanded the themes provided by the now-classic earlier edition to include a broadened geographical coverage (China, Nigeria, Australia); managerial applications (case studies, detailed illustrations); and attention to such inherently intertwined themes as the role of aesthetic experience, the art-versus-commerce tension, and the branding of artistic creations. Students of Arts Marketing will again benefit greatly from the insights provided. And, for those who favor food-related metaphors, "dessert" appears in the form of a delicious essay on Ernest Hemingway by the masterful prose stylist, Stephen Brown.

                                                                                        Morris B. Holbrook, W. T. Dillard Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Columbia University, US