1st Edition

Marketing the Group Practice Practical Methods for the Health Care Practitioner

By William Winston Copyright 1983

    A practical guide for providers and administrators in the health industry, this stimulating volume explains how to effectively use a variety of marketing practices such as advertising, public relations, fund raising, and “word of mouth” from satisfied clients.

    Contents Preface
    • Some Key Aspects of Utilizing Marketing Consultants for Group Practices
    • A Legal Viewpoint on Marketing for Group Practices
    • Marketing Planning for Group Practices
    • Differences in Marketing a New Practice Versus Marketing an Established Practice
    • Preparing the Financial/Business Plan for Marketing the Group Practice
    • Building a New or Better Image for Your Practice Through Solid Media Relations (Public Relations and Publicity)
    • Professional Advertising--How Professional Is It?
    • How to Promote and Advertise a New or Existing Clinic
    • Basic Marketing Research for the Group Practice or, What on Earth Is Targeting and Why Should I Care?
    • The Best Malpractice Insurance of Them All: Consumer Satisfaction
    • Physician Recruiting for Group Practices
    • The PPO: How to Market It and to Whom


    William J. Winston