1st Edition

Markets, Unemployment and Economic Policy Essays in Honour of Geoff Harcourt, Volume Two

Edited By Philip Arestis, Gabriel Palma, Malcolm Sawyer Copyright 1997

    In this volume more than 40 leading economists pay tribute to, and critically evaluate, Geoff Harcourt's work. Contributors include Tony Atkinson, Tony Lawson, Edward Nell and Ian Steedman.

    1: Horses for Courses; 2: Abstraction, Idealization and Economic Theory; 3: Markets, Madness and many Middle Ways; 4: Efficient Redistribution in a Globally Competitive Economy; 5: The Fears of Economists; 6: UK Privatization; 7: Inequity and Access to Private Education; 8: The Accountant in a Turbulent Age; 9: The Economic Rate of Return and the Accountant; 10: Corporate Finance and Capital Accumulation; 11: How Free Should Trade Be Now?; 12: The Competitive Weaknesses of the Uk Economy; 13: Post-Stalinist System Reform in China and Russia; 14: Socialism; 15: Understanding Effective Demand; 16: The Effects of Changes in Aggregate income Shares on Aggregate Demand; 17: Macroeconomics and the Distribution of Income 1; 18: Provisional Equilibrium and Macroeconomic Theory; 19: Equilibrium, Path Dependence and Hysteresis in Post-Keynesian Models; 20: Exploring ‘The Original Kalecki Model T'; 21: The T-F-M Approach to Production Analysis and the Analysis of Structural Change 1; 22: Limits to Relative Price Movements; 23: The Myths of Free Banking; 24: Defining and Measuring Unemployment in the United Kingdom; 25: High Youth Wages Can Generate General and Persistent Unemployment; 26: Labour Markets And Competition As An Evolutionary Process; 27: The Labour Market Of Fear; 28: Workers' Rights And Economic Flexibility; 29: Changes In The Notions Of Unemployment And What That Means For The Poor; 30: Unemployment Prospects for Modern Capitalism; 31: The Stock Market And The Corporate Sector; 32: Expanding Employment in the Global Economy; 33: What are the Constraints on the Pursuit of Keynesian Macroeconomic Policies?; 34: Post-Keynesian Economic Policies For ‘World Prosperity'; 35: Corporate Restructuring in Europe and the Regulation of Competition; 36: When Workers Save Nothing And Capitalists Consume Everything; 37: Growth And Employment; 38: Economic Growth And The Balance-Of-Payments Constraint Revisited; 39: Economic Policy In Post-Apartheid South Africa


    Philip Arestis, Gabriel Palma, Malcolm Sawyer