1st Edition

Marriage and Its Dissolution in Early Modern England

    1760 Pages
    by Routledge

    1768 Pages
    by Routledge

    Addresses Early Modern representations of chastity and adultery, as well as matrimony and its dissolution in both the private and public realms, including the most well known marital dissolution, that of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

    Volume 1: Henry VIII, A Glasse of the Truthe (1531), Thomas Abell, Invicta Veritas (1532), Articles Devised by the Holle Consent of the Kynges Moste Honourable Counsayle (1533). Volume 2: The Office and Duetie of an Husband [1555]. Volume 3: An Exposycyon Uppon the V. Vi. Vii. Chapters of Mathewe (1533) (excerpt), Exhortation to the Diligent Studye of Scripture (1536) (excerpt), The Christen State of Matrimonye (1541) (excerpts), The Fyrste Sermon (1549) (excerpt), A Contrarye (to a Certaine Manis) Consultacion (1549), The Censure and Judgement of the Famous Clark Erasmus (1550), A Moste Faithfull Sermo[n] Preached Before the Kynges Most Excellente Maiestye (1550) (excerpt), A Monument of Matrones (1582) (excerpts), A Preparative to Mariage (1591) (excerpt), The Lawes Resolutions of Womens Rights (1632). Volume 4:Helpes for Discovery of the Truth in Point of Toleration (1648), Of Divorce for Adulterie, and Marrying Againe (1613), A Defence of the Judgment of the Reformed Churches (1610) A Bride-Bush, or a Wedding Sermon (1617, 1623) (excerpts), The Judgement of Martin Bucer, Concerning Divorce (1644), An Answer to a Book, Intituled, The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce (1644) Appendix: William Whately, ‘An Advertisement of the Author to the Reader’ (1623)


    Torri L Thompson