1st Edition

Martial Arts in Asia History, Culture and Politics

Edited By Fan Hong, Gwang Ok Copyright 2018
    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    The reawakening of Asian martial arts is a distinct example of cultural hybridity in a global setting. This book deals with history of Asian martial arts in the contexts of tradition, religion, philosophy, politics and culture. It attempts to deepen the study of martial arts studies in their transformation from traditional to modern sports. It is also important that this book explores how Asian martial arts, including Shaolin martial arts and Taekwondo, have worked as tools for national advocate of identities among Asians in order to overcome various national hardships and to promote nationalism in the modern eras. The Asian martial arts certainly have been transformed in both nature and content into unique modern sports and they have contributed to establishing cultural homogeneity in Asia. This phenomenon can be applied to the global community.  

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue in the International Journal of the History of Sport.


    Fan Hong and Gwang Ok

    1. Asian Martial Arts: The Anarchic Legacy of the War Machine

    Barry Allen

    2. The Future of Asian Traditional Martial Arts

    Na YoungIl

    3. Practicing Martial Arts Versus Studying Martial Arts

    Peter Lorge

    4. Making Martial Arts History Matter

    Paul Bowman

    5. Reconstruction of Tradition: Modernity, Tourism and Shaolin Martial Arts in the Shaolin Scenic Area, China

    Xiaoyan Su

    6. Martial Arts and Ideology of Hwarang, the Ancient Korean Warrior

    Kyoungho Park and Gwang Ok

    7. An Investigation into the History of the Taekwondo Uniform since the Korean Peninsula’s Liberation from Japan

    Hyun-Bae Kim, John A. Johnson, Eun-Jae Lee and Peter Ha

    8. Historical Views on the Origins of Korea’s Taekwondo

    Cindy Park and Tae Yang Kim

    9. The Role of Gukgung in the Success of Korean Archery

    Seokgyu Choi and Gwang Ok


    Fan Hong is Professor in Asian Studies at Bangor University, UK. Her research interest is in the areas of gender studies and cross-cultural studies with special reference to China and Chinese sport.

    Gwang Ok is Professor of Physical Education at Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, South Korea. His research interest is social cultural history of sporting culture. He is author of The Transformation of Modern Korean Sport: Imperialism, Nationalism, Globalization. He is a co-author of The Triple Asian Olympics: Asia Rising - the Pursuit of National Identity, International Recognition and Global Esteem.