1st Edition

Martin Heidegger Key Concepts

By Bret W. Davis Copyright 2010
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    Heidegger's writings are among the most formidable in recent philosophy. The pivotal concepts of his thought are for many the source of both fascination and frustration. Yet any student of philosophy needs to become acquainted with Heidegger's thought. "Martin Heidegger: Key Concepts" is designed to facilitate this. Each chapter introduces and explains a key Heideggerian concept, or a cluster of closely related concepts. Together, the chapters cover the full range of Heidegger's thought in its early, middle, and later phases.

    1. Introduction: Key Concepts in Heidegger's Thinking of Being, Bret W. Davis 2. Hermeneutics of Facticity, Theodore Kisiel 3. Phenomenology and The Phenomenon, Gunter Figal 4. Dasein as Being-in-the-World, Timothy Stapleton 5. Care and Authenticity, Charles Scott 6. Being and Time, Richard Polt 7. The Turn, Thomas Sheehan 8. National Socialism and the German People, Charles Bambach 9. Truth as Aletheia and the Clearing of Being, Daniel Dahlstrom 10. The Work of Art, Jonathan Dronsfield 11. Ereignis: The Event of Appropriation, Daniela Vallega-Neu 12. The History of Being, Peter Warnek 13. Will and Gelassenheit, Bret W. Davis 14. Ge-stell: Enframing as The Essence of Technology, Hans Ruin 15. Language and Poetry, John Lysaker 16. The Fourfold, Andrew Mitchell 17. Ontotheology and the Question of God(s), Ben Vedder 18. Heidegger on Christianity and Divinity, Bret W. Davis Chronology of Life and Events


    Bret W. Davis