1st Edition

Marx Arg Philosophers

By A Wood Copyright 1981

    First published in 1999. The purpose of this series is to provide a contemporary assessment and history of the entire course of philosophical thought. Each book constitutes a detailed, critical introduction to the work of a philosopher of major influence and significance. In this volume, the author offers thoughts on Marx’s concept of alienation and his use of Hegel’s dialectic.

    Introduction; Part 1 Alienation; Chapter 1 The Concept of Alienation; Chapter 2 The Human Essence; Chapter 3 Human Production; Chapter 4 Alienation and Capitalism; Part 2 Historical Materialism; Chapter 5 Production and Society; Chapter 6 Classes; Chapter 7 Materialist Explanations; Chapter 8 Materialism, Agency and Consciousness; Part 3 Marxism and Morality; Chapter 9 Marx on Right and Justice; Chapter 10 Morality as Ideology; Part 4 Philosophical Materialism; Chapter 11 Materialist Naturalism; Chapter 12 Materialist Realism; Part 5 The Dialectical Method; Chapter 13 The Hegelian Dialectic; Chapter 14 The Marxian Dialectic; Chapter 15 Dialectic in Capital;


    Allen W. Wood