1st Edition

Marx, Marxism and the Spiritual

Edited By Anjan Chakrabarti, Anup Dhar, Serap A. Kayatekin Copyright 2020
    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    While Marxian theory has produced a sound and rigorous critique of capitalism, has it faltered in its own practice of social transformation? Has it faltered because of the Marxian insistence on the hyper-secularization of political cultures? The history of religions – with the exception of some spiritual traditions – has not been any less heartless and soulless. This book sets up a much-needed dialogue between a rethought Marxian praxis of the political and a rethought experience of spirituality.

    Such rethinking within Marxism and spirituality and a resetting of their lost relationship is perhaps the only hope for a non-violent future of both the Marxian reconstruction of the self and the social as also faith-based life-practices. Building on past work in critical theory, this book offers a new take on the relationship between a rethought Marxism and a rethought spirituality (rethought in the life, philosophy and works of Christian thinkers, anti-Christian thinkers, Marxian thinkers, those critical of Marxist Statecraft, Dalit neo-Buddhist thinkers, thinkers drawing from Judaism, as well as thinkers drawing critically from Christianity).

    Contrary to popular belief, this book does not see spirituality as a derivative of only religion. This book also sees spirituality as, what Marx designated, the "sigh of the oppressed" against both social and religious orthodoxy. In that sense, spirituality is not just a displaced form of religion; it is a displaced form of the political too. This book therefore sets up the much needed dialogue between the Marxian political and the spiritual traditions.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in Rethinking Marxism – A Journal of Economics, Culture and Society.

    Editors' Introduction

    Anjan Chakrabarti, Anup Dhar and Serap A. Kayatekin


    1. Rethinking Marx and the Spiritual

    Kevin M. Brien

    2. Spirituality Beyond Man: Toward a Labor Theory of the Soul

    Oxana Timofeeva

    3. Marx, Foucault, and the Secularization of Western Culture

    Vivek Dhareshwar

    4. What Kind of "Life Affirmation"? Disentangling the Conflation of Spinoza and Nietzsche

    Jan Rehmann

    5. Specter and Spirit: Ernst Bloch, Jacques Derrida, and the Work of Utopia

    Jason Kosnoski

    6. Ernst Bloch and the Spirituality of Utopia

    Peter Thompson

    7. Reading Marx with Levinas

    Serap A. Kayatekin and Jack Amariglio

    8. Liberation Theology and Marxism

    Enrique Dussel, Irene B. Hodgson and Jose Pedroso


    9. Saint Francis in Climate-Changing Times: Form of Life, the Highest Poverty, and Postcapitalist Politics

    Stephen Healy

    10. Faiths with a Heart and Heartless Religions: Devout Alternatives to the Merciless Rationalization of Charity

    Cihan Tugal

    11. Gramsci’s Concept of the "Simple": Religion, Common Sense, and the Philosophy of Praxis

    Marcus E. Green

    12. Subalterns, Religion, and the Philosophy of Praxis in Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks

    Fabio Frosini

    13. Marxism as Asketic, Spirituality as Phronetic: Rethinking Praxis

    Anup Dhar and Anjan Chakrabarti

    Social Context of Theory and Practice

    14. Religion in Russian Marxism

    Ross Wolfe

    15. Serving the Sighs of the Working Class in South Africa with Marxist Analysis of the Bible as a Site of Struggle

    Gerald West

    16. Inner Life, Politics, and the Secular: Is There a "Spirituality" of Subalterns and Dalits? Notes on Gramsci and Ambedkar

    Cosimo Zene


    17. "I am sure that you are more pessimistic than I am...": An interview with Giorgio Agamben

    Jason Smith

    18. Crossing Materialism and Religion: An Interview on Marxism and Spirituality with the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

    Anup Dhar, Anjan Chakrabarti and Serap A. Kayatekin

    19. Transcendence, Spirituality, Practices, Immanence: A Conversation with Antonio Negri

    Judith Revel


    Anjan Chakrabarti, Professor of Economics, University of Calcutta, India.

    Anup Dhar, Professor of Philosophy, Ambedkar University Delhi, India.

    Serap A. Kayatekin, Professor, American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.