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    Since the onset of global crisis in recent years, academics and economic theorists from various political and cultural backgrounds have been drawn to Marx's analysis of the inherent instability of capitalism. The rediscovery of Marx is based on his continuing capacity to explain the present. In the context of what some commentators have described as a "Marx renaissance", the aim of this book is to make a close study of Marx's principal writings in relation to the major problems of our own society, and to show why and how some of his theories constitute a precious tool for the understanding and critique of the world in the early twenty-first century.

    The book brings together varied reflections on the Marxian oeuvre, drawing on different perspectives and fields, and argues its case in two different parts. The first will encompass such diverse areas and themes as political thought, economics, nationalism, ethnicity, post-capitalist society, freedom, democracy, emancipation, and alienation, showing in each case how Marx has still today an invaluable contribution to make. The second presents a complete and rigorous account of the dissemination and the reception of Marx’s work throughout the world in the last decade. Both parts make a significant contribution to the current research on Marx and Marxisms.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Socialism and Democracy.

    1. Introduction, Marcello Musto.

    Part I: Re-reading Marx in 2010

    2. Not Just Capital and Class: Marx on Non-Western Societies, Nationalism and Ethnicity, Kevin B. Anderson.

    3. The Myth of Twentieth-Century Socialism and the Continuing Relevance of Karl Marx, Paresh Chattopadhyay.

    4. Change the System, Not Its Barriers, Michael A. Lebowitz.

    5. Emancipation in Marx’s Early Work, George Comninel.

    6. Revisiting Marx’s Concept of Alienation, Marcello Musto.

    7. Marx and the Politics of Sarcasm, Terrell Carver.

    8. The “Lesser Evil” as Argument and Tactic, from Marx
    to the Present, Victor Wallis.

    9. In Capitalist Crisis, Rediscovering Marx, Rick Wolff.

    Part II: Marx’s Global Reception Today

    10. Marx in Hispanic America, Francisco T. Sobrino.

    11. Marx in Brazil, Armando Boito and Luiz Eduardo Motta.

    12. Marx in the Anglophone World, Paul Blackledge.

    13. Marx in France, Jean-Numa Ducange.

    14. Marx in Germany, Jan Hoff.

    15. Marx in Italy, Gianfranco Ragona.

    16. Marx in Russia, Vesa Oittinen.

    17. Marx in China, Daping Hu.

    18. Marx in South Korea, Seongjin Jeong.

    19. Marx in Japan, Hiroshi Uchida.


    Marcello Musto teaches political theory at the Department of Political Science of York University (Toronto, Canada) and is the editor of Karl Marx’s Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy 150 Years Later (Routledge, 2008).

    "An edited volume which provides not only a robust defence of the continuing relevance of Marx to our times but also new and challenging perspectives for those already accepting of such relevance." - Nick Taylor, LSE Review of Books, July 2012

    "In Marcello Musto, the Marx revival has found an 'Impressario' with a range of interests and contacts, a tolerance for differences, and an exquisite taste for only the finest and most provocative of Marxist scholarship. With this volume of exceptionally astute essays (the second for Routledge after Karl Marx’s Grundrisse: Foundations of the critique of political economy 150 years later, and a third is on its way), Musto has set the gold standard for Marxological studies in the modern era. No one who wants to understand why Marx was chosen as the greatest thinker of the last millenium in a BBC poll of its listeners can afford to miss any of Musto's volumes, including his own remarkably lucid and insightful contributions to each of them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - Bertell Ollman - New York University

    "With the relentless globalization of capital in recent decades, a global capitalist economic crisis, and uprisings in Greece, Italy, Spain, the Occupy Movements, and the Arab Uprisings of 2011, Marx has perhaps never been as relevant for the contemporary moment as now. Marcello Musto has orchestrated a series of projects that have ignited the Marx revival and contributed his own scholarship and ideas for making Marx alive for us today. His edited book Marx for Today is an extremely important contribution to the ungoing "Marx renaissance", and shows how Marx’s work contributes to understanding and engaging key problems of today’s society, and thus how Marx contributes to projects of understanding, critique and transformation of the world in the early twenty-first century." - Douglas Kellner - UCLA

    "The ruling doxa wants us to believe that Marx belongs to yesterday. The truth of the matter is that his analysis, his theories and his indignation are relevant today, as much, and perhaps more so, than in his own times. This brilliant collection of essays edited by Marcello Musto shows us why". - Michael Löwy - CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research)

    "Marx for Today is a stimulating book that does justice to the depth and breadth of Marx's thought and which makes a strong claim for his contemporary relevance." - Tom Whittaker, Counterfire, November 2012