2nd Edition

Marxism The Inner Dialogues

By Catherine Paradeise Copyright 1997
    398 Pages
    by Routledge

    386 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Marxism: The Inner Dialogues covers a wide range of basic issues and problems arising from what has been said for, against, and about Marxism. This is a rich and systematic collection of writings by the foremost authorities on the subject in the world. The book provides the most inclusive and lasting analysis of Marxist thought available. Curtis has confronted current problems in Marxist studies in the context of the classic concerns of Western thought.

    Preface, Introduction, PART ONE POLITICAL THEORY, SOCIAL SCIENCE, OR IDEOLOGY?, From Theory to Ideology, 1. George Lichtheim, On the Interpretation of Marx’s Thought, 2. Lewis Coser and Irving Howe, The Role of Ideology, Marxism: Consistency or Revisionism?, 3. Donald Clark Hodges, The Unity of Marx’s Thought, 4. Charles F. Elliott, Problems of Marxist Revisionism, Marxism and Political Modernization, 5. Richard Lowenthal, The Points of the Compass, 6. George Lichtheim Marxism, West and East, Is Marxism a Social Science?, 7. Donald Clark Hodges, Marxism as Social Science, 8. T. B. Bottomore, Karl Marx: Sociologist or Marxist?, PART TWO MARX: MORALIST AND HUMANIST, Marxist Ethics, 9. R. N. Carew Hunt, The Ethics of Marxism, 10. Eugene Kamenka, The Primitive Ethic of Karl Marx, Alienation and Humanism, 11. Daniel Bell, A Critique of Alienation, 12. Michael Harrington, Marx as Humanist, Marxism and Religion, 13. N. Lobkowicz, Karl Marx’s Attitude toward Religion, 14. Alasdair MacIntyre, Marxists and Christians, PART THREE CLASSIC MARXIST THEMES: PHILOSOPHY, HISTORY, AND ECONOMICS, The Dialectical Process, 15. Max Eastman, Against the Marxian Dialectic, 16. Herman Simpson, In Support of the Marxian Dialectic, The Materialist Conception of History, 17. H. B. Mayo, Marxism as a Philosophy of History, 18. J. H. Hexter, A New Framework for Social History, The Contribution of Marxism to Economics, 19. Oscar Lange, Marxian Economics and Modern Economic Theory, 20. Wassily Leontief, The Significance of Marxian Economics for Present-day Economic Theory, 21. Paul A. Samuelson, Marxian Economics as Economics, PART FOUR CLASS CONFLICT, REVOLUTION, AND POLITICAL POWER, Class and Class Conflict, 22. S. Ossowski, The Concept of Social Class, 23. Ralf Dahrendorf, A Sociological Critique of Marx, Revolution or Peaceful Change?, 24. Harold Rosenberg, The Proletariat and Revolution, 25. S. M. Lipset, Is Gradual Change Possible?, 26. Robert Tucker, Ambivalence about Gradual Change, Is


    Michael Curtis is professor of political science at Rutgers University. He is author of a variety of books, including Three Against the Third Republic; Comparative Government and Politics (now in its fourth edition); and Western European Integration; and editor of Great Political Theories.