2nd Edition

Marxist Theories of Imperialism A Critical Survey

By Tony Brewer Copyright 1991

    The last two hundred years have seen a massive increase in the size of the world economy and equally massive inequalities of wealth and power between different parts of the world. They have also witnessed the rise to dominance of the capitalist mode of production. Marxists, from Marx himself through to present day thinkers, have argued that these changes are profoundly interconnected. This book offers a unique account of Marxist theories of Imperialism. It has been fully updated and expanded to cover all the developments since its initial publication and will be essential reading for any student of Marxism.

    Preface, Anthony Brewer; Abbreviations, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 1 Introduction, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 2 Marx, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 3 Luxemburg, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 4 Hobson, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 5 Hilferding, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 6 Bukharin and Lenin, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 7 Baran, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 8 Dependency Theories, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 9 Emmanuel, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 10 Classes and Politics in the Third World, Anthony Brewer; Chapter 11 After Imperialism?, Anthony Brewer; S1 Index, Anthony Brewer;


    Anthony Brewer is senior lecturer in Economics at the University of Bristol. He is the author of A Guide to Marx’s Capital, 1984, and of a number of articles in learned journals.

    `Brewer has performed an enormous service ... he writes extremely clearly, even when presenting complex and rigorous economic arguments ... and his work deserves a wide audience not only among students but also in trade union groups, evening classes and the like. It will stand for a long time as the obvious introduction to a very important topic.' - Marxism Today