1st Edition

Mary Shelley's Literary Lives and Other Writings, Volume 3

By Nora Crook Copyright 2003

    This collection covers the lyrical poetry of Mary Shelley, as well as her writings for Lardner's "Cabinet Cyclopaedia of Biography" and some other materials only recently attributed to her.

    Abbreviations -- Notes on French Lives I [Molière to Fénélon] -- Notes on French Lives II -- FRENCH LIVES VOLUME I [continued from volume 2 ] -- Molière -- La Fontaine [not by Mary Shelley] -- Pascal -- Sévigné (Madame de) -- Boileau -- Racine -- Fénélon -- FRENCH LIVES VOLUME II -- Voltaire -- Rousseau -- Condorcet -- Mirabeau -- Madame Roland -- Madame de Staël -- Editorial corrections.