1st Edition

Mass Customisation and Personalisation in Architecture and Construction

Edited By Poorang Piroozfar, Frank Piller Copyright 2013
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Challenged by the recent economic crisis, the building and construction industry is currently seeking new orientation and strategies. Here mass customisation is uncovered as a key strategy in helping to meet this challenge. The term mass customisation denotes an offering that meets the demands of each individual customer, whilst still being produced with mass production efficiency. Today mass customisation is emerging from a pilot stage into a scalable and sustainable strategy...

    The first dedicated publication of its kind, this book provides a forum for the concept within an applied and highly innovative context. The book includes contributions from some of the most prominent thinkers and practitioners in the field from across the world, including Kasper S. Vibaek, Steve Kendall, Martin Bechthold, Mitchell M. Tseng, and Masa Noguchi. Bringing together this panel of experts who have carried out research both in academia and practice, this book provides an overview of state-of-the-art practice related to the concept of customisation and personalisation within the built environment.

    Introduction: Mass Customisation in the Built Environment, Architecture and Construction Part 1: Principles of Mass Customisation  1.1 Three Capabilities that Make Mass Customisation Work Frank Piller  1.2 Advancements of Mass Customisation in Service and Manufacturing Industries: Lessons for the Built Environment Poorang (A.E) Piroozfar  1.3 The Next Wave in Housing Personalisation: Cutomized Residential Fit-Out Steve Kendall  1.4 Spatial Mass-Customisation: Mass-Customizble Urban Spaces and Spatial Entities Eric R. P. Farr  Part 2: Enabling Technologies, Designs, and Business Models  2.1 Conceptulising the Use of System Products and Product Platforms in the Building Industry Lars Hvam, Niels H. Mortensen, Christian Theusen and Andres Haug  2.2 Product and Process Approaches Martin Bechthold   2.3 Customisable Architectural Systems: Emerging Types of Integrated Product Deliveries in the Building Industry Kasper S. Vibaek  2.4 Design and Construction of Three-Dimensional Lightweight Timber Grid Structures Explored through a Mass-Customised Approach Olga Popovic Larsen  2.5 Robot Oriented Construction Management Thomas Bock and Thomas Linner  2.6 Economic Analysis of Customised Apartments Guohua Tang and Mitchell M. Tseng  Part 3: Practical Applications, Prototypes and Experiences  3.1 Emerging Trends and Concepts of Mass Customisation in Taiwan's Housing Industry Kung-Jen Tu and Wei-Hao Yang  3.2 Automation, Robotics, Services: Evolution of Large-Scale Mass Customisation in Japanese Building Industry Thomas Linner and Thomas Bock  3.3 Commercialisation Principles for the Low-Carbon Mass Customised Housing Delivery in Japan Masa Noguchi  3.4 Mass Customised Structures for Relief : Physical Production with Digital Fabrication Larry Sass and Dan Smithwick  3.5 Two Case Studies of Mass Customisation and Digital Fabrication in the Building Industry Ingrid Paoletti  Part 4: Future Topics, New Potentials, and Emerging Challenges  4.1 Stylemachine – Case Study: Mass Tailoring the Housing Block Apartments in Internet Tomas Westerholm  4.2 Enabling Mass Customisation in Construction: Making the Long Tail Work Christian Thuesen, Jens S. Jensen and Stefan C. Gottlieb  4.3 The Application of Game Theory on Customisation Strategies in the Construction Industry Ghashang Piroozfar and Poorang Piroozfar  4.4 A Shift in the Order of Use: 'User Informed Objects' Assa Ashuach


    Poorang A.E. Piroozfar is a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology and Co-director of @BEACON (Advanced Technologies in the Built Environment, Architecture & Construction) at the School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton, UK.

    Frank T. Piller is a Professor of Management and Director of the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He is also a Faculty Member of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.