1st Edition

Mass Incarceration in the 21st Century Realities and Reflections

Edited By Addrain Conyers, Vanessa Lynn, Margaret Leigey Copyright 2024
    326 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    326 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This reader presents a comprehensive review of the research on mass incarceration as it relates to causes, impact, and solutions. Assembling contributions from leading experts in a variety of disciplines as well as the voices of directly impacted people, the editors have created a diverse collection of chapters addressing prison, punishment, incarceration, reentry, and reintegration embedded in the context of the ever-evolving discussion around ending mass incarceration.

    The effects of the exponential prison growth in the United States over more than 50 years have been catastrophic, resulting in disparities that especially plague the poor, communities of color, and women. Mass incarceration is a culmination of policies and practices that benefit the privileged praxis and consequently disproportionally disenfranchise marginalized communities. The ideology affects every stage of the criminal justice system, from policing to release, and this book meets the need to expand the examination beyond departments of corrections to explore the administration behind laws, biased practices, and an unforgiving societal stigma. It deepens comprehension and engagement with concise and accessible readings that offer nuance and provoke thought.

    The book is ideal as a primary or supplementary textbook for corrections, prisons, or penology courses, as well as courses focused on law, policy, sociology, social work, and social justice. It also will serve as a valuable reference book for any individual searching for knowledge on the past, present, and future of mass incarceration.

    Introduction: Realities of Mass Incarceration

    Vanessa Lynn, Margaret Leigey, and Addrain Conyers

    Section I: Laws and Policies

    1. The Procedural Architecture of Mass Incarceration
    2. Justin Murray

    3. Bail, Pretrial Detention, and Mass Incarceration
    4. Karen F. Lahm

    5. Immigration in an Era of Mass Incarceration
    6. Tania N. Valdez

    7. Life Imprisonment as a Hallmark of Mass Incarceration
    8. Ashley Nellis

    9. Reflection: Growing up on the Inside

              Terrence J. Graham

    Section II: Life Inside

    1. Solitary Confinement: Controversies and Reforms in Restrictive Housing
    2. Megan Demarest and Hannah G. Cortina

    3. Death and Dying Experiences of Long-Serving Individuals
    4. Ronald H. Aday, Meredith Huey Dye, and Nicole Cook

    5. Women’s Imprisoned Bodies: Perceptions of Carceral Food Quality and Impact on Health for Self and Children
    6. April N. Terry and Kelli Grant

    7. The Mass Incarceration of LGBTQ Persons
    8. Jeffery P. Dennis

    9. Reflection: Working in the Prison Library During Covid-19

              Janette Richardson

    Section III: Prison Education

    1. The History and Operation of Prison Education Programs Today
    2. Ashley M. Appleby

    3. Prison Education, Democracy, and Solidarity
    4. Briana McGinnis and Kaitlyn Victoria

    5. Reflection: Reflections on the Design, Administration, and Value of a Prison-College Course
    6. Benjamin Meade

    7. Reflection: Inside-Out

              Kaelyn Sanders

    Section IV: Youth and Families

    1. The Juvenile Justice System’s Role in the Persistence of Mass Incarceration in America
    2. Kristan Russell, William Ash-Houchen, Shantae M. Motley, and Vineeth Vijayan

    3. At the Breaking Point: The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Families
    4. Deirdre Caputo-Levine and Diamond Guitar-Judd

    5. Reflection: Transported to the Troubled Teen Industry
    6. Heather E. Mooney

    7. Reflection: Musings on School Communities, Information Evasion, and the Children of Incarcerated Parents

              LeAnna T. Luney and Maya Luney-Ballew

    Section V: Impacts and Consequences

    1. Collateral Consequences: The Intended and Unintended Burdens of Incarceration
    2. Cody Warner and Nikki Michaels

    3. The Racial History and Contemporary Impacts of Felon Disenfranchisement
    4. Elyshia Aseltine

    5. Trapped in an Epicenter: COVID-19’s Impact on People Incarcerated in Prisons
    6. Tiana M. Herring

    7. Reflection: Punitive Responses to Juvenile Behavior

              April N. Terry

    Section VI: Reentry

    1. Reuniting Justice-Involved Fathers to their Families – The Impact on Desistance
    2. Patricia Becker and Lin Liu

    3. The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Re-Entry
    4. Andrea Beláňová,Tereza Trejbalová, and Jan Tomášek

    5. Embracing Hope: Stories of Successful Reentry Experiences
    6. Emily I. Troshynski and Carolyn Willis

    7. Reflection: The Reality of Reentry

              Emily Sorenson

    Section VII: Ending Mass Incarceration

    1. Mass incarceration, reproductive injustice, and the need for abolitionist solutions
    2. Ashley Kilmer and Maria João Lobo Antunes

    3. "Today’s Lynching is Incarceration": Critical Race Theory, Mass Incarceration, and Prison Abolition
    4. Yola Gomez and Paddy Farr

    5. Enacting a World Beyond Policing
    6. Alia Nahra

    7. Decriminalizing Substance Use Disorders to Combat Mass Incarceration
    8. Leslie Scott

    9. Reflection: Prisons we do not deserve

              Arne Kvernvik Nilsen


    Addrain Conyers, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Marist College. His scholarship focuses on public administration, social deviance, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Vanessa Lynn, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Marist College. Her research interests include correctional rehabilitation programs, narrative criminology and restorative justice circles.

    Margaret E. Leigey, Ph.D. is a Professor of Criminology at The College of New Jersey. Her research focuses on the correctional experiences of special populations, including older people, individuals serving life sentences, women, and juveniles incarcerated in adult facilities.