1st Edition

Mass Media in Modern Society

By Norman Jacobs Copyright 1992
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

     In this lively and yet scholarly book, creative artists, people who direct channels of communications, and social scientists present their numerous positions and deeply felt disagreements. Originally released thirty years ago under the rubric Culture for the Millions, the work discusses whether or not American culture is in a state of rise or decline; whether mass media dilutes the arts or provides more art for more people; whether cultural leaders are in touch with their audiences, and other such issues. This volume brings together outstanding artists, scholars, and media executives who present their wide-ranging and deeply felt positions and disagreements. Mass Media in Modern Society remains a classic, not only for what it represents as a historical document, but also because of the centrality of its discussions about the nature of cultural participation and aesthetics hi modern society. The contributions include: Paul F. Lazarsfeld, "Mass Culture Today," Edward Shils, "Mass Society and Its Culture," Leo Lowenthal, "A Historical Preface to the Popular Culture" Debate," Hannah Arendt, "Society and Culture," Ernest van den Haag, "A Dissent from the Consensual Society," Oscar Handlin, "Comments on Mass and Popular Culture," Leo Rosten, "The Intellectual and the Mass Media," Frank Stanton, "Parallel Paths," James Johnson Sweeney, "The Artist and the Museum hi a Modern Society," Randall Jarrell, "A Sad Heart at the Supermarket," Arthur Asa Berger, "Notes on the Plight of the American Composer," James Baldwin, "Mass Culture and the Creative Artist," Stanley Edgar Hyman, "Ideals, Dangers, and Limitations of Mass Culture," H. Stewart Hughes, "Mass Culture and Social Criticism," Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., "Notes on a National Cultural Policy."

    Introduction to the Transaction Edition, Introduction to the Original Edition: Mass Culture Today, Mass Society and its Culture, An Historical Preface to the Popular Culture Debate, Society and Culture, A Dissent from the Consensual Society, Comments on Mass and Popular Culture, The Intellectual and the Mass Media: Some Rigorously Random Remarks, Parallel Paths, The Artist and the Museum in a Mass Society, A Sad Heart at the Supermarket, Notes on the Plight of the American Composer, Mass Culture and the Creative Artist: Some Personal Notes, Ideals , Dangers, and Limitations of Mass Culture, Mass Culture and Social Criticism, Notes on a National Cultural Policy, PANEL DISCUSSION, A General Theory of Mass Culture, The Mass Media, Mass Culture and the Creative Artist, Ideals and Dangers of Mass Culture


    Norman Jacobs