1st Edition

Mass Psychogenic Illness A Social Psychological Analysis

Edited By M. J. Colligan, J. W. Pennebaker, L. R. Murphy Copyright 1982

    First published in 1982. This study looks at the concepts around mass hysteria or anxiety due to an illness episode that defies physical explanations and where investigators may turn to a psychological interpretation of an outbreak. The present book brings together scientists from several disciplines in an attempt to to explore outbreaks from a variety of perspectives, including historical, cultural, social, psychological, and even medical.

    Part I Overview of Mass Psychogenic Illness: Hysteria Revisited?; Chapter 1 Analyzing a Case of Mass Psychogenic Illness, Alan C. Kerckhoff; Chapter 2 Outbreaks of Mass Hysteria at Workplaces in Singapore: Some Patterns and Modes of Presentation, W. H. Phoon; Chapter 3 A Review of Mass Psychogenic Illness in Work Settings, Michael J. Colligan, Lawrence R. Murphy; Part II Methodological and Problematic Issues in MPI Research; Chapter 4 Complexities, Cautions and Concepts in Research on Mass Psychogenic Illness, Joseph E. McGrath; Chapter 5 Mass Psychogenic Illness: Individual and Aggregate Data, Neal Schmitt, Michael Fitzgerald; Chapter 6 Evidence and Inference in Research on Mass Psychogenic Illness, Robert F. Boruch; Chapter 7 Yes Virginia, There Really is a Mass Psychogenic Illness, Jerome E. Singer; Part III Theoretical Approaches to Mass Psychogenic Illness; Chapter 8 Social and Perceptual Factors Affecting Symptom Reporting and Mass Psychogenic Illness, James W. Pennebaker; Chapter 9 Mass Psychogenic Illness: The Case for Social Comparison, Jerome E. Singer, Carlene S. Baum, Andrew Baum, Brenda D. Thew; Chapter 10 Theories of Contagion As They Relate to Mass Psychogenic Illness, Jonathan L. Freedman; Chapter 11 Illness as an Emergent Norm or Doing What Comes Naturally, Sidney M. Stahl; Chapter 12 A Social Psychological View of Mass Psychogenic Illness, Alan C. Kerckhoff; Chapter 13 Perspectives on Epidemic Hysteria, Fran├žois Sirois; Chapter 14 Stress and Coping Theory Applied to the Investigation of Mass Industrial Psychogenic Illness, Susan Folkman, Richard S. Lazarus;


    MICHAEL J. COLLIGAN Miami University Oxford, Ohio. JAMES W. PENNEBAKER University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. LAWRENCE R. MURPHY Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio

    "...a remarkable compilation of contributions to the topic, especially as it concerns memory of political events. The work is remarkable first because of the range of standpoints included, and second, by virtue of the international scope of its contributors. Wonderfully rich and refreshing."