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Mastering Business Analytics

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Every industry now relies on the power of big data – and the tools and technologies required to analyse it - to understand their customers, capture value, streamline their operations, and compete effectively in the global marketplace. The world’s organisations need people who have the skills to understand and transform this data, to analyse and interpret it, and effectively harness it to define and align with the business’s strategic goals.

This series of textbooks provides a theoretically sound yet practical foundation in Business Analytics and equips students with the tools they need to succeed in this data-driven world. Each text provides essential reading for a core topic within advanced undergraduate and postgraduate Business Analytics programmes, as well as being highly valuable for MBA and Executive Education students.

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Creating Value with Data Analytics in Marketing Mastering Data Science

Creating Value with Data Analytics in Marketing: Mastering Data Science

2nd Edition

By Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge, Natasha Walk, Jaap E. Wieringa
November 08, 2021

This book is a refreshingly practical yet theoretically sound roadmap to leveraging data analytics and data science. The vast amount of data generated about us and our world is useless without plans and strategies that are designed to cope with its size and complexity, and which enable ...

Marketing Analytics Statistical Tools for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Using SPSS

Marketing Analytics: Statistical Tools for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Using SPSS

1st Edition

By José Marcos Carvalho de Mesquita, Erik Kostelijk
November 02, 2021

Marketing Analytics provides guidelines in the application of statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics Software (SPSS) for students and professionals using quantitative methods in marketing and consumer behavior. With simple language and a practical, screenshot-led approach, the book presents ...

Essentials of Pricing Analytics Tools and Implementation with Excel

Essentials of Pricing Analytics: Tools and Implementation with Excel

1st Edition

By Erik Haugom
November 30, 2020

This book provides a broad introduction to the field of pricing as a tactical function in the daily operations of the firm and a toolbox for implementing and solving a wide range of pricing problems. Beyond the theoretical perspectives offered by most textbooks in the field, Essentials of ...

Supply Chain Analytics Using Data to Optimise Supply Chain Processes

Supply Chain Analytics: Using Data to Optimise Supply Chain Processes

1st Edition

By Peter W. Robertson
November 26, 2020

Supply Chain Analytics introduces the reader to data analytics and demonstrates the value of their effective use in supply chain management. By describing the key supply chain processes through worked examples, and the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic methods that can be applied to...

Consumer Behaviour and Analytics

Consumer Behaviour and Analytics

1st Edition

By Andrew Smith
August 27, 2019

Consumer Behaviour and Analytics provides a consumer behaviour textbook for the new marketing reality. In a world of Big Data, machine learning and AI, this key text reviews the issues, research and concepts essential for navigating this new terrain. It demonstrates how we can use data-driven ...

Digital Analytics for Marketing

Digital Analytics for Marketing

1st Edition

By Marshall Sponder, Gohar Khan
October 06, 2017

This comprehensive book provides students with a "grand tour" of the tools needed to measure digital activity and implement best practices for using data to inform marketing strategy. It is the first text of its kind to introduce students to analytics platforms from a practical marketing ...

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