1st Edition

Mastering Facilitation A Guide for Assisting Teams and Achieving Great Outcomes

By Morgan Jones Copyright 2021
    238 Pages 27 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    238 Pages 27 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    238 Pages 27 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    With business and organisations moving at an ever-faster pace and facing evermore demanding challenges, the need for efficient, succinct and productive interaction between individuals of those businesses and organisations is more important than ever. With the bounds of communication restrictions abandoned through technological advances (we can now see and hear anyone across any manner of virtual platforms anywhere around the globe) and with a greater understanding of the underlying dynamics of human interaction, unprecedented pressure has been thrust upon the individual or individuals who, often, enable these dynamic interactions: the facilitator.

    Many of us have, at one time or other, been responsible for a meeting – whether between a small number of individuals or an entire organisation of hundreds, or possibly thousands, of businessmen and women.

    Or, perhaps, we’ve had to be the mediator in a family dispute closer to home or managed a discussion between two feuding friends or colleagues. One way or another, chances are, all of us have been a facilitator at some point in our lives.

    With the ever-growing demands placed on facilitators, this book delivers a methodical and structured approach to facilitation. This book is the definitive guide to instruct and assist facilitators – both new and experienced – with a set of guidelines and underlying theory that will benefit any facilitator, whether as a mediator between two individuals, single-handedly facilitating a group of 100 or working as part of a facilitation team in a multinational corporation.

    The first part of the book develops the core basic skills of those new to the art of facilitating. There are many examples and exercises to show the reader how to apply them in different situations. The second part of the book is for more experienced facilitators as it focuses on more advanced skills and tackling difficult situations. Specific tools and techniques are illustrated for the reader. Essentially, this book is aimed at developing and mastering the art of facilitation. Facilitation is the art of getting the best out of groups of people to brainstorm, solve problems and gain consensus. Based on 30 years’ experience of the author and running multiple facilitation training courses across the globe, this book is aimed at upskilling people, managers and leaders to drive change and consensus with groups through running workshops and meetings.



    Chapter 1: What is Facilitation?

    Chapter 2: Mastering Technique – The Facilitation Process


    Chapter 3: Mastering Facilitation – Behavioural Techniques in Facilitation

    Chapter 4: Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making


    Chapter 5: Understanding Groups and Individuals

    Chapter 6: Special Facilitating Techniques


    Chapter 7: Facilitation Skills Evaluation & Improvement

    Chapter 8: Conclusion




    Morgan has over 30 years experience in Lean and 20 years in Six Sigma, a pragmatic and experienced improvement Leader, delivering over $2.1 billion in hard savings to organisations and improving customer and staff experiences and improved Health and Safety. The legacy capabilities of Business Improvement has resulted in over 23 international awards and chairing 27 international conferences around BI. Morgan is an international award winning author . He is also a Chartered Engineer, Certified Master Black Belt, Lean Master and Executive Coach working across many industry sectors including Utilities, heavy engineering, Oil and Gas, Maine, Mining, Government and Financial Services . His previous books includes the Shingo-Prize winning, 4 + 1: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services