1st Edition

Mastering Globalization New Sub-States' Governance and Strategies

Edited By Stéphane Paquin, Guy LaChappelle Copyright 2005
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Contemporary globalization is transforming and undermining the role of the nation-state, causing it to lose its grip on both the national economy and identity. This is a penetrating analysis of this phenomenon and an explorationn of how governments - national, regional, local, global city-regions - can respond.

    This original selection of essays discusses the impact of globalization on nation-states and the international system, the consequent political and sociological fragmentation of nations, and the rise of multiple identities within those nations. These essays uniquely investigate the dramatic effect of globalization on governance, outlining how sub-state 'governments' have now become international actors.

    This volume delivers a key insight into the way globalization is reshaping political relationships, and will be of interest to students of politics, international studies and globalization.

    Table of Contents Introduction - Mastering Globalization: New Sub-State's Governance and Strategies Chapter 1. Mastering Globalization Chapter 2. Politics, Economics, and Justice: Toward a Politics of Globalizing Capitalism Chapter 3. Jan Aart Scholte Chapter 4. Globalization and the rise of super territoriality Chapter 5. Local Reponses to the Globalizations of Our Era Chapter 6. John Trent Chapter 7. Globalization and International Security: Pax Americana or Multilateralism? Chapter 8. New Sub-States' Governance and Paradiplomacy Chapter 9. Why do Sub-States and Regions Practice International Relations? Chapter 10. Sub-State Government in International Arenas : Paradiplomacy and Multi-level Governance in Europe and America Chapter 11. Globalization, Welfare Solidarity and Sub-State Governance Chapter 12 Sub-State strategies in an era of globalization and the information technology revolution chapter 13. Multiple identities and global meso-communities Chapter 14. Accommodation in Europe and North America Chapter 15. Ethnonational Minority Identities in France Chapter 16. Multiple Identities and Self-Government in the Basque Country


    Guy Lachapelle is Secretary General of the International Political Science Association and Professor of Political Science at Concordia University, Canada

    Stéphane Paquin is Research Associate at the International Political Science Association