1st Edition

Mastering Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy A Roadmap to the Unconscious

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book evolved from the First International Meeting of the Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Association on intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy. It will help readers to make use of the conscious working alliance with the patient to increase the unconscious part of the working alliance.

    Chapter 1 - Davanloo's ISTDP, psychoneurosis, and the importance of attachment trauma

    Chapter 2 - The neurobiological regulation of emotion and anxiety

    Chapter 3 - Emotion regulation and the role of defences

    Chapter 4 - Assessment of a patient's anxiety

    Chapter 5 - Resistance, transference, ego-adaptive capacity and multifoci core neurotic structure

    Chapter 6 - Observational learning and teaching our patients to overcome their problems

    Chapter 7 - The road to the patient's unconscious and the working alliance

    Chapter 8 - The independent variables: ISTDP techniques to change red traffic lights into green

    Chapter 9 - An intial interview with a transport-phobic patient

    Chapter 10 - Steps on the roadmap to the unconscious and its application to patients suffering from depressive disorders

    Chapter 11 - Steps on the road to the unconscious and its application to patients with somatization

    Chapter 12 - Steps on the road to the unconscious in a patient with transference resistance

    Chapter 13 - Exiting the roadmap to the unconscious in the phase of termination.



    Josette ten Have-De Labije, Robert J. Neborsky