1st Edition

Mastering Ruby A Beginner's Guide

Edited By Sufyan bin Uzayr Copyright 2024
    334 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Ruby is a superb programming language used for a variety of activities such as developing desktop applications, static websites, computational services, and even automation systems. Mastering Ruby: A Beginner’s Guide is a detailed guide for beginners to understand Ruby. This book discusses how to structure applications properly and organize code for optimum performance.

    Concise and easy to understand, this book provides the fundamentals for web programming along with software development and simple app development. It covers a variety of topics, starting from syntax styles workflow for the Command line to creating websites that will quickly advance necessary information.

    The key principles about Ruby explained here are helpful to beginners and other users interested in learning this highly technological and diverse language.

    Key Features:

    • Follows a hands-on approach and offers practical lessons and tutorials related to Ruby.
    • Provides an in-depth discussion of Ruby design and applications to help build robust knowledge.
    • Explains how to create individual websites using Ruby programming.

    Chapter 01      Overview of Ruby

    Chapter 02      OOP Concepts of Ruby

    Chapter 03      Basics of Ruby

    Chapter 04      Control Statements in Ruby

    Chapter 05      Methods in Ruby

    Chapter 06      Exceptions in Ruby

    Chapter 07      Regex and Classes in Ruby

    Chapter 08      Module and Collections in Ruby

    Chapter 09      Threading in Ruby

    Chapter 10      Appraisal


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    Sufyan is a digital nomad, dividing his time between four countries. He has lived and taught in universities and educational institutions around the globe. Sufyan takes a keen interest in technology, politics, literature, history and sports, and in his spare time, he enjoys teaching coding and English to young students.

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