1st Edition

Mastering the Power of You Empowered by Leader Insights

Edited By Lalit Johri, Katherine Corich, Gay Haskins Copyright 2023
    468 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    468 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The world of the 2020s is complex and demanding. We are faced with a myriad of difficult decisions about our present and future, driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic downturn, rising unemployment and inequalities, digital disruption, uncertain political environments, and climate change. In this book, leaders from around the world share their experiences in adapting to the changing world and the lessons they have learnt. They offer advice on mastering a diverse range of leadership concepts, skills, and behaviours to prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.

    The easy-to-follow format is grouped around the core concepts of Leadership, entrepreneurship, and volunteering; Purpose and values; Authenticity, trust and presence; Strategising, thinking, and decision-making; Mentoring and development; Mental resilience; Diversity and inclusion; Negotiating and collaborating; and Social and environmental impact. Each of the 32 chapters takes you on a voyage of discovery to a wide range of "powers" and inspires you to use them to open new opportunities in your life and workplace.

    If you are a recent graduate aspiring to gain meaningful employment in a rapidly transforming workplace, or a mid-career professional whose job may soon change or disappear with increasing automation, this book is for you. If you are a consultant, coach, mentor, or trainer, looking for new approaches, this book will provide valuable guidelines. If you are a seasoned professional navigating the new norms, this book will give you many inspiring insights.

    Part I: Leadership, entrepreneurship, and volunteering

    1. Mastering the power of leadership

    Lalit Johri

    2. Mastering the power of digital entrepreneurship

    Thomas Abraham

    3. Mastering the power of entrepreneurship

    Kelly Keats

    4. Mastering the power of volunteering

    Mads Roke Clausen

    Part II: Purpose and values

    5. Mastering the power of purpose

    Katherine Corich

    6. Mastering the power of kindness

    Gay Haskins

    7. Mastering the power of moral value

    J.R. Klein

    Part III: Authenticity, trust, and presence

    8. Mastering the power of authenticity

    Wanda Hamilton

    9. Mastering the power of trust: evolving your leadership

    Paul Matthews

    10. Mastering the power of presence

    Karen Glossop

    11. Mastering the power of storytelling

    Gabrielle Dolan

    Part IV: Strategising, thinking, and decision making

    12. Mastering the power of strategising

    Josef Bruckschlögl

    13. Mastering the power of analytical thinking

    Prasad Ramakrishnan

    14. Mastering the power of creative thinking

    Anshul Sonak

    15. Mastering the power of sensemaking

    Sunil Deshmukh

    Part V: Mentoring and development

    16. Mastering the power of mentoring

    Victoria Wall

    17. Mastering the power of people development

    Shawn D. Mathis

    Part VI: Mental resilience

    18. Mastering the power of mental fitness

    Mark O'Brien

    19. Mastering the power of self-confidence

    Chloe Phillips Harris

    20. Mastering the power of courage to turn your dreams to reality

    Avril McDonald

    21. Mastering the power of challenging the status quo

    Mai Chen

    Part VII: Diversity and inclusion

    22. Mastering the power of inclusive thinking

    Rebecca Oldfield

    23. Mastering the power of diversity and inclusion

    James Burstall

    24. Mastering the power of gender equality

    Alina Nassar

    Part VIII: Negotiating and collaborating

    25. Mastering the power of negotiations

    Josef Bruckschögl and J.R. Klein

    26. Mastering the power of human collaboration

    Desiree Botica

    27. Mastering the power of community

    Jensine Larsen

    28. Mastering the power of partnerships

    Marita Lintener

    Part IX: Social and environmental impact

    29. Mastering the power of freedom of information for social justice

    Amrita Johri and Anjali Bhardwaj

    30. Mastering the power of impact investing

    Giles Gunesekera

    31. Mastering the power of social equity

    Marsha Marshall

    32. Mastering the power of sustainability

    Kishan Nanayakkara


    Lalit Johri is a strategic advisor to national and international organisations and former Senior Fellow in International Business, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

    Katherine Corich is Founder and Chair of Sysdoc Group, a non-executive Director of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and Chair of global anti-trafficking charity, It’s a Penalty.

    Gay Haskins is former Dean of Executive Education at Saïd & London Business Schools and a co-author, with Mike Thomas and Lalit Johri, of Kindness in Leadership, Routledge, 2018.

    "Mastering the Power of You brings together an extraordinarily diverse range of leaders to deliver the perfect go-to contemporary leadership guide for the 21st century; insightful and enlightening, expect this book to arm leaders at all levels with the winning concepts, skills and behaviours to deliver significant and lasting change."

    Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw, OBE, Chief of Defence Logistics & Support, Strategic Command, Defence Support, Ministry of Defence, UK

    "In a world where books on leadership fill libraries with biographies and memoirs and 'how to' volumes are in abundance this distillation of Mastering the Power of You is powerfully succinct. In a time when clear advice on how to be mindful of one’s own leadership journey is generally in short supply this collaboration fills that void in an easy to read compelling way. I recommend this book to every leader as a way to remember why your leadership is so important, and why bringing your thoughtful authentic self to the problems we all face is powerful."

    Clair J. Moeller, President and Chief Operating Officer, Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), USA

    "We all have power to influence others. Mastering the Power of You is a book that explores the motivations and practices of leadership. Why do we assume these leadership roles, what’s in it for us? If you need guidance about how your leadership can be used to influence others, for the collective good, then this book is for you."

    Louisa Wall, Member of Parliament, New Zealand

    "This wonderful book serves as a source of inspiration to senior leaders as well as a tool set for emerging leaders. With the modular approach chosen, the interested reader will find practical and actionable advice for the current leadership issues. Its content is both easily accessible and state of the art thinking."

    Christian Schäfer, Director and Global Head of Payments, Corporate Bank, Deutsche Bank, Germany

    "If you are looking for a read that will help you adapt and succeed in today’s fast changing and challenging world, whatever your stage of career might be, then this is the book for you. I was particularly struck by the rich content of the book which included valuable insights on different parts of strategic decision making and leadership, all based on personal experiences and analyses of the contributing authors."

    Marios Demetriades, Financial Services Expert and Entrepreneur, Former Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Republic of Cyprus

    "Mastering the Power of You is a diverse and helpful toolkit that is usable across cultures and contexts. It contains experience, advice, and practical exercises - something to help any of us to become better versions of ourselves and to have a better impact in the world."

    Air Vice Marshall Andrew Clark, Chief of Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, New Zealand

    "Change…fear not! The inspirational experiences shared by many in this book helps us to unleash the tremendous power that we all have, and in our own way we can generate the leadership to prepare ourselves for this age of great changes."

    Beng Neoh, Managing Director, Challenger Funds Management (Asia), Singapore  

    "Mastering the Power of You is a must-read for all who are interested in cultivating their leadership skills to succeed in the 21st century. Leaders from the around the globe in diverse fields share their real-world experiences, lessons learned, and guidance on the skills and behaviors that are essential to delivering results and sustainable change with long-lasting positive impact. It is an inspiring and thought-provoking guide."

    Sherry Maple, For-purpose Brand and Business Development Leader in Emerging and Developed Markets; former director CPG and Food Service - Latin America, Starbucks, USA

    "Leadership opportunities are increasingly complex and fast-changing. Mastering the Power of You provides rich perspectives for all current and aspiring leaders to think deeply about the environment in which we operate and provides insights and ideas to help you lead with purpose and with authenticity."

    Neil Tomlinson, Vice Chair, Deloitte

    "Mastering the Power of You – is a must read for those entrusted to lead during a period of massive disruption and uncertainty. Leading any organization in the best of times, can be a real challenge. However, leading in a world fueled by war, social upheaval, and a pandemic, will require skills and qualities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. The leadership journey into the future has begun. How we succeed in making this critical transition will have implications that may last for generations. This book is a must read to help us understand of the past, but also how we embrace a very different future."

    Gary A. Officer, President and CEO, The Center for Workforce Inclusion, USA

    "Mastering the Power of You breaks the topic of leadership into thirty two bite-sized themes, each of which covers invaluable principles and tips that will definitely serve as a perfect leadership guide for leaders in all spheres of life."

    Oyinkan Adewale, Independent Non-Executive Director, Lafarge Africa

    "Mastering the Power of You is a fine collection of personal experiences and stories of well-established leaders from around the world; highlighting critical leadership concepts, behaviours, and skills. The book is an excellent guide for anyone aspiring to be an effective leader and a better person."

    Alan L. Barretto, Managing Director, Nilpeter India 

    "There’s a vital role for progressive, values-based leadership to help tackle pressing global challenges from economic and racial inequalities to the climate crisis. Any leader who wants to make a positive impact should draw inspiration from this book about how they can play their part in shaping a fairer and more sustainable world."

    Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

    "Exploring and embarking on a leadership journey is one of the biggest adventures in everyone’s life. The expedition prepares for every eventuality that we meet in this uncertain world. Don’t forget to pack this magnificent book with you. Mastering the Power of You guides you to reach far and higher destinations."

    Chiaki Sakurai, Senior Vice President, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Japan

    "Mastering the Power of You is a thought provoking and compelling read for any leader in the 21st century. Bringing together a diverse group of leaders, who share their practical and inspirational insights on how we can all be better leaders for the benefit of others and ourselves; irrespective of your role, sector, or stage in your career and life more broadly."

    Sean Cruise, Managing Director, Global Head of Data & Digital, Apex Group, UK

    "Mastering the Power of You is an inspiring collection of insights from leaders generously sharing their wisdom and experience. I highly recommend that you read this book if you want to tap into those very special qualities we all possess and can develop beyond those we learn in formal education. It will be a game changer for you as for me!"

    Amanda Ellis, Senior Director, Global Partnerships, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, Arizona State University; and Professor of Practice, Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA

    "I really enjoyed dipping into Mastering the Power of You and learning from the insights of leaders from around the world. I learned a great deal from the experiences that have been shared, the practical insights that are described and the valuable self-help exercises that are offered in each chapter."

    Mike Thomas, Chair, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and Visiting Professor of Organisational Leadership, University of Chester, UK

    This delightful book Mastering the Power of You is a must read for everyone from graduates to senior executives. In our uncertain world, this book will inspire you to become a better leader, support your team and navigate pandemics, conflicts, and other unpredictable, adverse economic and social situations. The strength of the book lies in the diversity of the authors from around the world, the depth of experiences shared, the leadership topics covered, plenty of examples and exercises to practice your skills. As they say the only constant in the world is change and this book provides tools to equip all leaders and future leaders to deal with our ever-changing environment.

    Reinette van der Merwe, CEO, First Capital Bank, Botswana. 

    "Mastering the Power of You gives you insightful thoughts behind the leadership expected for today’s business environment. Great reading for all business leaders who need to deal with diversities and inclusiveness."

    Masaya Fujimori, CEO, Cornerstone Japan

    "Mastering the Power of You is an insightful book on leadership with many chapters contributed by leaders from diverse background and industries around the world. This book is a useful resource written in an engaging and enlightening manner with practical examples. A highly recommended reading for recent graduates as well as seasoned professionals."

    Eng Hui Ti, Chief Executive Officer, Baiduri Bank, Brunei