1st Edition

Masterless Men The Vagrancy Problem in England 1560–1640

By A.L. Beier Copyright 1985

    Masterless Men (1985) examines the nature of vagrancy in Tudor and Stuart England, an issue that many contemporary authorities regarded as their most serious social problems. It looks at why vagrancy was felt to be such a threat to the stability of the country, and the steps the authorities took to overcome the problem.

    Part 1. The Origins of Vagrancy  1. The New Poverty  2. The Growth of Vagrancy  3. Migrants and Vagrants  Part 2. The Structure of Vagrancy  4. A Promiscuous Generation  5. On the Road  6. Dangerous Trades  Part 3. Vagrants, Society and the State  7. The Seminary of Vagabondage  8. The Underworld Uncovered  9. State Policy: from Utopia to the Penal Colony


    A.L. Beier