1st Edition

Masters of Advertising Copy (RLE Marketing)

Edited By J. George Frederick Copyright 2015
    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    398 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book collects together pieces by significant figures in American advertising, including George L. Dyer, who at the time of his death left almost no other written record of his point of view. There is a substantial introduction by the editor, which interweaves the history of advertising with the history of the era of American industrial coming-of-age, touching not only on the impact of mass-production, but also the beginnings of corporate social responsibility.

    Introduction J. George Frederick 1. Advertising Copy and the Writer Frank Irving Fletcher 2. The Advertising Writer Who Is Bigger Than His Ad George L. Dyer 3. Human Appeals in Copy Bruce Barton 4. The Underlying Principles of Good Copy Theodore F. MacMNanus 5. Emotion and Style in Advertising copy James Wallen 6. Some Lessons I Have Learned in Advertising Claude C. Hopkins 7. Copy – Good, Bad and Indifferent Richard A. Foley 8. The Research Basis of Copy J. George Frederick 9. Axioms of Advertising Joseph H. Appel 10. Copy First Kenneth M. Goode 11. Making Advertisemnts Read F. R Feland 12. Copy Dont’s J. K. Fraser 13. Wanted – By the Dear Public Charles Addison Parker 14. Advertisng Copy and the So-Called "Average Woman" Mrs Christine Frederick 15. Believable Advertsing O. A. Owen 16. Looking at Copy and Looking Into It Harry E. Cleland 17. The Human Side of It Wilbur D. Nesbit 18. Copy That Is and Isn’t Harry Tipper 19. The Sales Power of Good Copy as Demonstrated in Book Advertising Helen Woodward 20. The Copy Writer’s Work Bench John Starr Hewitt 21. The Psychology of the Printed Work A. Holmes 22. Simplicity in Advertising Copy Humphrey M. Bourne 23. What Makes Good Retail Copy Ruth Leigh 24. The Art of Visualizing Good Copy Ben Nash 25. Old and New Days in Advertising Copy John Lee Mahin


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field