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Materializing Culture

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This provocative series focuses on the social relations involved in material practices. The study of material culture has stimulated a new body of research which brings together areas as diverse as the artwork of record sleeves, shopping, bitter conflicts over ancient monuments, digital fonts, craft skills and the political economy of consumption. This series demonstrates the innovative and critical edge that a material culture perspective may bring to bear upon a wide range of academic concerns.

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Urban Ghana and Privacy in the Digital Age An Ethnographic Exploration

Urban Ghana and Privacy in the Digital Age: An Ethnographic Exploration

1st Edition

By Elad Ben Elul
January 29, 2024

This book explores privacy practices and the role of digital technologies in the lives of urban Ghanaians, considering how they use language, materiality, and culture to maintain sharp boundaries between the private and public. Focusing on the harbour town of Tema, it offers rich ethnographic ...

The Materiality of Nothing Exploring Our Everyday Relationships with Objects Absent and Present

The Materiality of Nothing: Exploring Our Everyday Relationships with Objects Absent and Present

1st Edition

By Helen Holmes
July 31, 2023

The Materiality of Nothing explores the invisible, intangible and transient materials and objects of everyday life and the relationships we have with them. Drawing on over 15 years of original, empirical research, it builds on growing research on the everyday, and unites the established field of ...

Global Art in Local Art Worlds Changing Hierarchies of Value

Global Art in Local Art Worlds: Changing Hierarchies of Value

1st Edition

Edited By Oscar Salemink, Amélia Siegel Corrêa, Jens Sejrup, Vibe Nielsen
March 30, 2023

This book explores the attribution and local negotiation of cultural valuations of artistic and art-institutional practices around the world, and considers the diverse ways in which these value attributions intersect with claims of universality and cosmopolitanism. Taking Michael Herzfeld’s notion ...

Ethics and Nationalist Populism at the British Seaside Negotiating Character

Ethics and Nationalist Populism at the British Seaside: Negotiating Character

1st Edition

By Ana Carolina Balthazar
January 09, 2023

Drawing on ethnographic research at the British seaside, this book offers an original and insightful anthropological contribution to the study of contemporary Britain and nationalism. The volume focuses on people who have retired from different parts of the UK to the seaside town of Margate and ...

An Archaeology of Socialism

An Archaeology of Socialism

1st Edition

By Victor Buchli
November 01, 2000

This highly original case study, which adopts a material culture perspective, is unprecedented in social and cultural histories of the Soviet period and provides a unique window on social relations. The author demonstrates how Moisei Ginzburg's Constructivist masterpiece, the Narkomfin Communal ...

Object Worlds in Ancient Egypt Material Biographies Past and Present

Object Worlds in Ancient Egypt: Material Biographies Past and Present

1st Edition

By Lynn Meskell
April 01, 2004

Egypt looms large in the Western imagination. Whether it is our attraction to pharaonic art, the pyramids or practices of mummification, Egypts unique understanding of materiality speaks to us across space and time. Is it because the ancient Egyptians fetishized material objects that we find their ...

Raw Histories Photographs, Anthropology and Museums

Raw Histories: Photographs, Anthropology and Museums

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Edwards
May 01, 2001

Photographs have had an integral and complex role in many anthropological contexts, from fieldwork to museum exhibitions. This book explores how approaching anthropological photographs as 'history' can offer both theoretical and empirical insights into these roles. Photographs are thought to make ...

Malanggan Art, Memory and Sacrifice

Malanggan: Art, Memory and Sacrifice

1st Edition

By Susanne Küchler
November 01, 2002

Shortlisted for the Katharine Briggs Folkore Award 2003 Malanggan are among the most treasured possessions in the Pacific, yet they continue to confound anthropologists. Central to funerals in New Ireland, these ‘death' figures are intended to decompose as symbolic representations of the dead. ...

The Orient Strikes Back A Global View of Cultural Display

The Orient Strikes Back: A Global View of Cultural Display

1st Edition

By Joy Hendry
October 01, 2000

At the turn of the 20th Century, Japanese ‘villages' and their exotic occupants delighted and mystified visitors to the Great Exhibitions and Worlds' Fairs . At the beginning of the 21st Century, Japanese tourists have reversed the gaze and now may visit a range of European ‘countries', as well as ...

Materializing Thailand

Materializing Thailand

1st Edition

By Penny Van Esterik
March 01, 2000

Thailand has become well known throughout the world for wonderful cuisine, great package holidays, sumptuous temples and textiles. Noticeably absent from glossy tourist brochures but equally well known throughout the Western world is Thailand's seedier side - the world of child exploitation, ...

Car Cultures

Car Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel Miller
March 01, 2001

Anyone who assumes that a car is simply a means to get from point A to point B, or who even thinks that they know what a car is, should read this book. Profoundly shaped by culture, the car gives rise to a wide range of emotions, from guilt about the environment in the UK to aboriginal concerns ...

Death, Memory and Material Culture

Death, Memory and Material Culture

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Hallam, Jenny Hockey
December 01, 2001

- How do the living maintain ongoing relationships with the dead in Western societies? - How have the residual belongings of the dead been used to evoke memories? - Why has the body and its material environment remained so important in memory-making? Objects, images, practices, and places remind us...

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