Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity  book cover
1st Edition

Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity

ISBN 9781498754903
Published November 21, 2016 by CRC Press
610 Pages 53 Color & 269 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In recent years, novel families of materials have been discovered and significant improvements in classical thermoelectric materials have been made. Thermoelectric generators are now being used to harvest industrial heat waste and convert it into electricity. This is being utilized in communal incinerators, large smelters, and cement plants. Leading car and truck companies are developing thermoelectric power generators to collect heat from the exhaust systems of gasoline and diesel engines. Additionally, thermoelectric coolers are being used in a variety of picnic boxes, vessels used to transport transplant organs, and in air-conditioned seats of mid-size cars. Consisting of twenty-one chapters written by top researchers in the field, this book explores the major advancements being made in the material aspects of thermoelectricity and provides a critical assessment in regards to the broadening of application opportunities for thermoelectric energy conversion.

Table of Contents




1. Discovery and Design of New Thermoelectric Materials

Eric S. Toberer, Prashun Gorai, and Vladan Stevanović

2. Tetradymites: Bi2Te3-Related Materials

Joseph P. Heremans and Bartlomiej Wiendlocha

3. Growth and Transport Properties of Tetradymite Thin Films

Hang Chi, Wei Liu, and Ctirad Uher

4. All-Scale Hierarchical PbTe: From Nanostructuring to a Panoscopic Material

Gangjian Tan and Mercouri G. Kanatzidis

5. Thermoelectric Properties of Magnesium Silicide–Based Solid Solutions and Higher Manganese Silicides

Johannes de Boor, Titas Dasgupta, and Eckhard Müller

6. Clathrate-Based Thermoelectrics

Toshiro Takabatake and Koichiro Suekuni

7. Advances in Nanostructured Half-Heusler Alloys for Thermoelectric Applications

Pierre F.P. Poudeu, Ruiming Lu, Yuanfeng Liu, Pranati Sahoo, and Alexander Page

8. Thermoelectric Properties of Cu2−δX (X = S, Se, and Te)

Pengfei Qiu, Xun Shi, and Lidong Chen

9. BiCuSeO: A Promising Thermoelectric Material

Li-Dong Zhao and Jing-Feng Li

10. Phase Diagram Study in n-CoSb3 Skutterudites

Yinglu Tang, Chris Wolverton, and G. Jeffrey Snyder

11. Chain-Forming A3MPn3 and A5M2Pn6 Zintl Phases

Alex Zevalkink, Umut Aydemir, and G. Jeffrey Snyder

12. Thallium-Based Chalcogenides as Thermoelectrics

Quansheng Guo, Abdeljalil Assoud, and Holger Kleinke

13. Higher Manganese Silicides

Yuzuru Miyazaki

14. Boron-Based Materials

Takao Mori

15. Complex Chalcogenides: Pseudo-Hollandites, Structures and Properties

Franck Gascoin

16. Tetrahedrites: Earth-Abundant Thermoelectric Materials with Intrinsically Low Thermal Conductivity

Xu Lu and Donald T. Morelli

17. Organic Thermoelectric Materials

Gun-Ho Kim and Kevin P. Pipe

18. Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Superlattice Materials

Kunihito Koumoto, Ruoming Tian, Ronggui Yang, and Chunlei Wan

19. Recent Progress in Skutterudites

G. Jeffrey Snyder, Yinglu Tang, Caitlin M. Crawford, and Eric S. Toberer

20. SHS-Processed Thermoelectric Materials

Xinfeng Tang, Xianli Su, Qingjie Zhang, and Ctirad Uher

21. Prospective Thermoelectrics among Topological Insulators

Jihui Yang


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Ctirad Uher is the C. Wilbur Peters Collegiate Professor in the Physics Department of the University of Michigan, where his research focuses on the field of condensed matter physics, including thermoelectric materials, superconductors, and diluted magnetic semiconductors. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of New South Wales. Uher was Associate Dean for two years at Michigan before serving as Chair of the Physics Department from 1994-2004, expanding the Department enormously during that time. Uher is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was chosen in 2008 for the American Physical Society's Outstanding Referees Program for excellence in peer review. He holds an honorary degree from the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic.