1st Edition

Materials Processing Handbook

Edited By Joanna R. Groza, James F. Shackelford Copyright 2007
    840 Pages
    by CRC Press

    838 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The field of materials science and engineering is rapidly evolving into a science of its own. While traditional literature in this area often concentrates primarily on property and structure, the Materials Processing Handbook provides a much needed examination from the materials processing perspective. This unique focus reflects the changing complexity of new and emerging materials such as cutting-edge semiconductors, smart materials, and materials based on spintronics.

    This highly comprehensive work also presents groundbreaking coverage of the processes applied to a myriad of solid materials including ceramics, polymers, metals, composites, and semiconductors. Organized into six sections, this work examines processes that convert one phase into another, processes that change only the microstructure within a solid phase, shape changes that modify the microstructure and properties of materials, joining processes, and the basics of processes integration.

    Rich in data, yet accessible across several fields, this volume provides technicians and students with a one-stop resource on proven and promising new developments in materials processing.

    SMALL-SCALE (ATOMIC/CLUSTER/ NANOSCALE) PROCESSES. Controlled Processes for Growth of Carbon Nanotube Structures. Controlled Self-Assembly. Ion-Beam Processing. Spinodal Decomposition. Ostwald Ripening in Materials Processing. Crystallization of Amorphous Material. Far-from-Equilibrium Processing of Nanostructured Ceramics. DEPOSITION PROCESSES. Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes. Epitaxial Processes. Ion Beam Assisted Deposition. Spray Deposition and Coating Processes. DISLOCATION-BASED PROCESSES. Metalworking. Mechanical Alloying and Severe Plastic Deformation. Superplasticity and Superplastic Forming. MICROSTRUCTURE CHANGE PROCESSES. Single Crystal Growth. Casting and Solidification. Amorphization, Rapid Solidification, Bulk Metallic Glass Processing and Properties. Diffusion-Based Processes. Basic Phase Transformations in Heat Treatment. Transformation Toughening. Bonding Processes. Electrolytic Processes. MACROPROCESSES. Glass Processing. Ceramic Processing. Powder Processing. Layer-Based Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Solidification Macroprocesses. MULTISCALE PROCESSES. Processing Nanoscale Structures to Macrocomposites. Thermomechanical Processing. Multiscale Processing of Polymers and Nanocomposites. Multiscale Processes in Surface Deformation.


    Joannar R. Groza, James F. Shackelford, Enrique J. Lavernia, Michael T. Powers