1st Edition

Materials for Medical Applications Principles and Practices

Edited By Firdos Alam Khan Copyright 2024
    268 Pages 47 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book discusses advanced knowledge about the synthesis and application of materials in the medical field for diagnostic and therapeutic conditions. These materials have been extensively used in various biological and medical applications, especially in drug delivery, tumor screening, bioimaging, diagnosis, and therapies. Materials for Medical Applications provides comprehensive but concise information about materials and their medical applications. The readers will get information about the trends in materials and their medical applications, as well as current material-based products that are used in the medical field. The book has 11 chapters, where shapes, sizes, and structural differences of materials and methods of synthesis have been described, and a few chapters are also dedicated to the characterization of materials and their medical applications. The book also discusses how materials are tested in research laboratories, preclinical (animal) trials, and clinical (human) trials, and how material-based products go through various regulatory and safety phases before reaching patients. It also discusses topics such as materials delivery, imaging, and treatments for various diseases. It includes a chapter dedicated to regulatory guidelines and policies in the application of nanomaterials and will include current clinical trial information on the materials. Finally, the book has topics such as health safety, toxicity, dosages, and long-term implications of materials. This book is intended for researchers, material scientists, and students in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and biopharmaceuticals working on the development of biomaterials.


    About the Editor

    1 Materials Types and Classifications- Materials classification is based on the size, shapes, and structural differences

    Syed Ghazanfar Ali, Hilal Ahmad, Haris M Khan, Mohammad Azam Ansari

    2 Synthesis of Materials by Synthetic Approach- Materials synthesis using chemical approaches

    Firdos Alam Khan

    3 Synthesis of Materials by Biological Approach- Materials synthesis using green or biological approaches

    Firdos Alam Khan

    4 Chemical Characterization of Materials – Tools, machines, processes, methods, and examples of characterization

    Firdos Alam Khan

    5 Structural Characterization of Materials- Tools, machines, processes, methods, and examples of characterization

    Sultan Akhtar

    6 In vitro Testing of Materials for Medical Applications- in vitro testing of materials for toxicity, disease treatment, and diagnosis

    Vidhya Sunil

    7 In vivo Testing of Materials for Medical Applications - Materials testing for toxicity, efficacy, disease treatment, and testing for disease diagnosis in the animal models

    Rashi Sharma, Faizan Ahmad, Meghna Ghosal, Kamakshi Naik, Juweiriya, Manisha Lanka, Punya Sachdeva, Gagandeep Singh, Firdos Alam Khan

    8 Clinical Trials of Materials for Medical Applications- Materials testing for toxicity, efficacy, disease treatment, and diagnosis in humans (clinical trial phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4)

    Sundus Iftikhar, Hina Ashraf, Muhammad Ali Faridi, Maria Khan, Abdul Samad Khan

    9 Business and Market of Material Products for Medical Applications – Material-based products, business and profits of products, major market players, global trends, investments, and future opportunities

    Firdos Alam Khan,

    10 Development of Material Products for Medical Applications- The product approval process, US-FDA Approval process, WHO guidelines, Global Regulations, and Patents trends

    Firdos Alam Khan,

    11 Challenges of Materials Products used in Medical applications – Health safety concerns, environmental issues, toxicity, material exposure, and long-term implications on human health

    V. Ravinayagam, B. Rabindran Jermy

    12 Research Trends in Materials Synthesis and Medical Applications- 3D printing of materials, Artificial intelligence, simulations, smart materials, crystal growth, thin film, Quantum dots, bio-encapsulation, drug conjugation etc

    Muhammad Nawaz, Faiza Qureshi, Hira Fatima Abbas, Tooba Mahboob


    Firdos Alam Khan is Professor and Chairman, Department of Stem Cell Biology, Institute for Research and Medical Consultations (IRMC), Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Currently, Professor Khan is studying the role of different nanomaterials and biomaterials in stem cell differentiation into neuronal cells and also in cancer treatment. Professor Khan has been elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB), UK.