1st Edition

Math Extension Units Book 1, Grades 2-3

By Judy Leimbach Copyright 2005
    66 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The purpose of this book is to help busy classroom teachers provide enrichment for those students who quickly grasp the mathematical concepts being taught and are ready to move on to more challenging units. The units include challenging activities that will require higher-level thinking and will broaden students' problem-solving skills.

    This book is a great resource for busy classroom teachers who need materials to extend learning opportunities for those students who quickly grasp the concepts covered in their grade level math curriculum. The book includes four units: place value, time and measurement, problem solving, and money. The units provide hours of activities that will allow students to work independently or in small groups to extend their knowledge and apply their skills. Each unit includes 13 to 14 attractive, reproducible worksheets and an assignment sheet, making this an easy way for instructors to provide challenging, enriching experiences for capable math students.

    For a more advanced version of math extension activities, see Math Extension Units Book 2—geometry, fractions, graphing, and problem solving.

    For other math units targeted toward the same goal, see Enrichment Units in Math Books 1, 2, and 3.

    Grades 2-3

    Place Value Assignment Sheet Importance of Place Understanding Place Value Different Ways Number Pyramid Place Value Scramble Finding Mystery Numbers What's My Mystery Number (1-20) What's My Mystery Number (20-99) What's My Mystery Number (100-999) Really Big Numbers More or Less Largest to Smallest Problem Solving and Computational Application Assignment Sheet Jessie's Valentine Party The Amusement Park Trip to the Farm A Day at the Beach George's Birthday Party Playing Darts Reading Club Book Store Sale Collection Fair Fast Food School Store Speedy Delivery Field Day Money Assignment Sheet Counting Money Using Money Symbols Trading Coins Different Ways Ways to Make 25 Cents Ways to Make 30 Cents Ways to Make 35 Cents Making Change Piggy Bank Logic More Piggy Bank Problems Ten Coins in the Bank Problem Solving Money Pictures Time and Measurement Assignment Sheet Digital and Analog Clocks Minutes Before and After the Hour Timely Problems Play Time Monthly Calendar Yearly Calendar Temperatures Above Zero Temperatures Below Zero Liquid Measurements Ways to Make a Gallon Container Capers Party Punch Answers


    Judy Leimbach received her master's degree in Instructional Strategies in Gifted Education from National-Louis University. She has 14 years of experience teaching in regular classrooms, kindergarten through fifth grade, and 14 years experience teaching gifted students in grades 1-5. In addition, she has spent 5 years supervising groups of student teachers at Wheaton College.
    When she first started teaching in a gifted program, there were few materials available for gifted students in primary grades, so Leimbach began writing her own and had several books published. Having previously taught in the regular classroom, she also was very aware of the need for high quality, easy-to-use materials for regular classroom teachers to use for their gifted students in both primary and intermediate grades. She began working with other teachers, including her daughter, a middle school math teacher, to develop materials to meet that need.