1st Edition

Math Problems in Water and Wastewater

By Subhash Verma Copyright 2025
    376 Pages 73 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Math Problems in Water and Wastewater covers all the fundamental concepts required to solve typical problems in water engineering. Water professionals working in the industry require a license to work in water plants and this book aids readers in preparing for the mathematics portion of these licensure exams. It lays a sound foundation that not only helps with the certification process but also helps water operators in performing their daily activities. The basic concepts, volumes of various unit devices followed by specific problems in water and water treatment are presented through solved example problems.

    • Includes examples both in Imperial and SI units throughout.
    • Covers common and specific topics both for water and wastewater operations.

    Introduction. Area and Volume. Ratio and Proportions. Logarithms. Density. Flow Velocity and Flow Rate. Hydraulic Loading. Concentration and Solutions. Feeding of Chemicals. Organic Loading . Removal Efficiency. Molarity and Normality. Basic Hydraulics. Applied Hydraulics. Pump Performance. Flow Measurement. Data Analysis. Water Sources. Coagulation & Flocculation. Sedimentation. Filtration. Chlorination. Fluoridation. Softening. Iron and Manganese Removal. Water Stabilization. Laboratory Tests. Basic Water Distribution . Advanced Water Distribution. Preliminary Treatment. Clarification. Activated Sludge Process. Trickling Filter. Rotating Biological Contractors. Stabilization Ponds. Sludge Processing. Head Works Loadings. Laboratory Tests. Basic Wastewater Collection. Advanced Wastewater Collection.


    Before leaving for Canada in 1978, Subhash was an assistant professor in the Department of Soil and Water Engineering of Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, India. After completing his Master of Engineering in Water resources Engineering, from University of Guelph, he stayed with school of engineering and researched on watershed modeling. In 1982, Subhash joined Sault college of Applied Arts and Technology to head a new program in Water Resources Engineering Technology. In addition to teaching, Subhash developed training programs in many areas of water and wastewater engineering technology. These training programs were delivered to Ministry of Environment personnel in the Province of Ontario. During his stay at Sault College, Subhash developed course manuals to supplement courses in hydraulics, hydrology, water supply and wastewater engineering technology. Starting in the year, 2007, Subhash was appointed chair of Sault Ste. Source Protection Committee by the Minister of Environment. After his retirement, Subhash past time is developing and teaching online courses in water and wastewater technology on Ontario learn, a provincial initiative. Subhash has been the lead author of two books titled; Water Supply Engineering and Environmental Engineering, fundamentals and applications. He is currently working on three titles in Water Resources Engineering; Applied hydraulics, Engineering Hydrology, and Groundwater and Wells.