1st Edition

Math-a-Logic Grades 4-8

By Dianne Draze Copyright 2005
    84 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    If you thought math was all numbers, you're in for a surprise. The ability to reason logically is both a prerequisite for learning mathematics and a desired outcome of mathematics instruction. Mathematics provides an excellent context in which to make students aware of the logical structures they need to function successfully in any setting.

    Math-A-Logic is an award-winning text that successfully merges logical thinking with mathematical concepts and calculations. Eight areas of logic are introduced:

    • patterns and sequences,
    • analogies,
    • deduction,
    • inference,
    • sets and Venn diagram,
    • propositions and logical notation,
    • syllogisms, and
    • logical problem solving.

    Attractive, reproducible worksheets lead students through each topic, providing explanations, examples, and exercises to test their understanding. With mathematics as the vehicle for presenting and practicing the logical concept, students get practice in mathematical concepts and computations while building thinking skills. The end result is clearer thinking and enhanced problem-solving abilities. This unique approach is sure to be a favorite supplement to your regular math program. The attractive illustrations, clear instructions, solid content, and ease of use make this book a winner.

    This book is the winner of Learning Magazine's Teacher Choice award.

    Grades 4-8

    Patterns and Sequences Analogies Deduction Inference Sets and Venn Diagrams Propositions and Logical Notation Syllogisms Logical Problem Solving Answers


    Dianne Draze holds both a bachelor's degree in education with a major in mathematics and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Beginning her tenure in the field of education in 1968, she has found many ways to enrich the educational experiences of children. She taught upper elementary grades, junior high mathematics, English and history, gifted programs for grades 1-8, and education classes at the university level.

    Draze founded Dandy Lion Publications in 1977, creating a publishing house that specialized in curriculum materials that were appropriate for able learners and gifted students, that combined motivating content with challenging activities, and that were easy for teachers to use. In the capacity of owner and editor, she wrote more than 50 books and edited an additional 119 books. Her goal, whether writing or editing, was to create materials that would engage students in thinking, creating, making new discoveries, and applying what they learned to new situations. A person with a great curiosity, she has written curriculum guides on many topics and is always interested in whatever topic she is currently researching or editing.

    Draze has retired from full-time involvement in Dandy Lion Publications and currently consults, writes, and edits on a part-time basis.