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Mathematical Disabilities
A Cognitive Neuropsychological Perspective

ISBN 9781138594913
Published August 14, 2020 by Routledge
302 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1987, interest in mathematical cognition was not new in psychology. However, it was rediscovered in the 1970s under the influential work of the Genevan School. In particular, Piaget’s work on conservation, including conservation of number, profoundly influenced developmental psychologists who, working first in the Piagetian theoretical framework, began to discover a broader set of topics in mathematical cognition. In developmental psychology, the field continued to expand and covered a wide range of topics.

During the same period, however, no such evolution occurred in neuropsychology, and except for some studies around the time of publication, very little had been published on acalculia and number processing disorders. However, a more general theoretical evolution occurred in neuropsychology, mainly due to increasing collaboration between clinical and experimental neuropsychologists, on the one hand and cognitive psychologists on the other.

The objective of this book was to promote an evolution in the neuropsychology of calculation and number processing deficits and thus to introduce clinical and experimental neuropsychologists, as well as developmental and cognitive psychologists, to recent research and theoretical approaches that are of particular interest for the neuropsychological approach to mathematical cognition.

Table of Contents

Introduction  1. Alcalculia Revisited: Current Issues Paul A. Spiers  2. Notational Constraints on Mental Operations Esther G. Gonzalez and Paul A. Kolers  3. Differential Processing of Phonographic and Logographic Single-Digit Numbers by the Two Hemispheres Däniel Holender and Ronald Peereman  4. Sources of Working-Memory Error in Children’s Mental Arithmetic Charles J. Brainerd  5. Mathematical Disability and the Gerstmann Syndrome Arthur L. Benton  6. The Effect of Spatial Disorders on Arithmetical Skills W. Hartje  7. Numerical Transcoding: A General Production Model Gerard Deloche and Xavier Seron  8. The Production of Counting Sequences by Aphasics and Children: A Matter of Lexical Processing? Xavier Seron and Gerard Deloche  9. Cognitive Mechanisms in Normal and Impaired Number Processing Michael McCloskey and Alfonzo Caramazza  10. Dissociations of Calculation Processes Alfonzo Caramazza and Michael McCloskey  11. The Fractionation of Arithmetical Skills: A Single Case Study Elizabeth K. Warrington  12. Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Study of Calculation Processes Jordan Grafman and Francois Boller.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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Gerard Deloche and Xavier Seron