1st Edition

Mathematical Methods in Dynamical Systems

Edited By S. Chakraverty, Subrat Kumar Jena Copyright 2023
    392 Pages 172 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The art of applying mathematics to real-world dynamical problems such as structural dynamics, fluid dynamics, wave dynamics, robot dynamics, etc. can be extremely challenging. Various aspects of mathematical modelling that may include deterministic or uncertain (fuzzy, interval, or stochastic) scenarios, along with integer or fractional order, are vital to understanding these dynamical systems. Mathematical Methods in Dynamical Systems offers problem-solving techniques and includes different analytical, semi-analytical, numerical, and machine intelligence methods for finding exact and/or approximate solutions of governing equations arising in dynamical systems. It provides a singular source of computationally efficient methods to investigate these systems and includes coverage of various industrial applications in a simple yet comprehensive way.

    1. Dynamical Problems for Generally Anisotropic Shells With the GDQ Method. Francesco Tornabene, Matteo Viscoti, Rossana Dimitri 2. Dynamical Problems of Functionally Graded Non-Uniform Nanoplates under Thermal Field. Rahul Saini 3. Effect of External Resistances on Energy Harvesting Behaviour of Porous Functionally Graded Magneto-Electro-Elastic Beam. Arjun Siddharth, Vinyas Mahesh, Vishwas Mahesh, Sriram Mukunda, Sathiskumar A Ponnusami, Dineshkumar Harursampath 4. Mass Resonator Sensor and Its Inverse Problems. Yin Zhang 5. Axial Wave Propagation of Carbon Nanorod Conveying Fluid with Elastic Support using Nonlocal Continuum Elasticity. V. Senthilkumar 6. Differential Transformation and Adomian Decomposition Methods for the Radiation Effect on Marangoni Boundary Layer Flow of Carbon Nanotubes. P.K. Ratha, R.S. Tripathy, S.R. Mishra 7. Min-Max Game Theory for Coupled Partial Differential Equation Systems in Fluid Structure. S. M. Chithra 8. Numerical Simulation for Time Fractional Integro Partial Differential Equations Arising in Viscoelastic Dynamical System. J. Mohapatra, S. Santra 9. From Continuous Time Random Walk Models to Human Decision-Making Modeling: A Fractional Perspective. Amir Hosein Hadian Rasanan, Mohammad Mahdi Moayeri, Jamal Amani Rad, Kourosh Parand 10. Dynamics of Slender Single-Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator Based on Timoshenko Beam Theory. Priya Rao, S. Chakraverty, Debanik Roy 11. Non-Probabilistic Solution of Imprecisely Defined Structural Problem with Beams and Trusses using Interval Finite Element Methods. Sukanta Nayak, Shravani V Shetgaonkar 12. Linear Eigenvalue Problems in Dynamic Structure With Uncertainty: An Expectation Based Approach. Mrutyunjaya Sahoo, S. Chakraverty 13. Dynamical Approach to Forecast Decentralized Currency Exchange Value with Respect to Indian National Rupees. Bhubaneswari Mishra, S. Chakraverty, Rohtas Kumar 14. Curriculum Learning-Based Approach to Design an Unsupervised Neural Model for Solving Emden–Fowler Type Equations of the Third-Order. Arup Kumar Sahoo, S. Chakraverty


    S. Chakraverty, Subrat Kumar Jena