1st Edition

Mathematical Solitaires and Games

By Benjamin Schwartz Copyright 1968
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

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    A collection of solitaires and games.

    Editors Preface

    SECTION ONE: Solitaire Games with Toys
    Solving Instant Insanity Robert E. Levin The Mayblox Problem Margaret A. Farrell

    A Solitaire Game and Its Relation to a Finite Field N. G. de Bruijn

    Triangular Puzzle Peg Irvin Roy Hentzel

    Parity and Centerness Applied to the SOMA Cube Michael J. Whinihanand Charles W. Trigg

    The Tower of Brahma Revisited Ted Roth

    Tower of Hanoi with More Pegs Brother Alfred Brousseau

    SECTION TWO: Competitive Games
    Compound Games with Counters Cedric A. B. Smith The Game of SIM Gustavus J. Simmons

    Some Investigations into the Game of SIM A. P. DeLoach

    SIM as a Game of Chance W. W. Funkenbusch

    SIM on a Desktop Calculator John N. Nairn and A. B. Sperry

    A Winning Strategy for SIM E. M. Rounds and S. S. Yau

    The Graph of Positions for the Game of SIM G. L. O'Brien 

    Dots and Squares Ernest R. Ranucci An Analysis of "Square It" Thomas S. Briggs

    Dots and Triangles Joseph Viggiano

    Dots and Cubes Everett V. Jackson

    A Winning Opening in Reverse Hex Ronald Evans

    SECTION THREE: Solitaire Games
    Arrows and Circuits Brian R. Barwell Knight Interchanges: 1 Robert E. Parkin

    Knight Interchanges: 2 Ted Roth

    The Stacked Playing Cards Robert E. Parkin

    Extension of the Chain-Cutting Problem Donald R. Byrkit and William M. Walters, Jr.

    The "12 + 1" False Coin Problem M. H. Greenblatt

    BONUS SECTION: The Four-Color Problem The Mathematics of Map Coloring H. S. M. Coxeter

    Every Planar Map is Four Colorable Kenneth Appel and Wolfgang Haken