1st Edition

Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics

    279 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    280 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This Research Note presents several contributions and mathematical studies in fluid mechanics, namely in non-Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids and on the Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains. It includes review of the mathematical analysis of incompressible and compressible flows and results in magnetohydrodynamic and electrohydrodynamic stability and thermoconvective flow of Boussinesq-Stefan type. These studies, along with brief communications on a variety of related topics comprise the proceedings of a summer course held in Lisbon, Portugal in 1991. Together they provide a set of comprehensive survey and advanced introduction to problems in fluid mechanics and partial differential equations.

    PREFACE -- LIST OF PARTICIPANTS -- Lectures -- Quelques Examples de Fluides Newtoniens Generalises -- /D. CIORANESCU -- Two Dimensional Incompressible Fluid Flow with Singular Initial Data -- /G.-H. COTTET -- On the Steady Stokes Flow in Exterior Domains -- /V. GIRAULT AND A. SEQUEIRA -- Mathematical Problems arising in Differential Models for Viscoelastic Fluids -- /C. GUILLOPE AND J.-C. SAUT -- Weak Solutions for Thermoconvective Flows of Boussinesq-Stefan Type -- /J.-F. RODRIGUES -- Boundary and Initial-Boundary Value Problems for the Navier-Stokes Equations in Domains with Noncompact Boundaries -- /V.A. SOLONNIKOV -- Stability Problems in Electro hydrodynamics, Ferro hydrodynamics and Thermo­electric Magnetohydrodynamics -- /B. STRAUGHAN -- Mathematical Results for Compressible Flows -- /A. VALLI -- Communications -- Une Solution Numerique des .Equations de Navier-Stokes Stationaries -- /0. BAN -- Stationary Solutions for a Bingham Flow with Nonlocal Friction -- /L. CONSIGLIERI -- Etude de la Stabilite du Couplage des .Equations d'Euler et Maxwell a une Dimension d'Espace -- /S. FABRE -- Diphasic Equilibrium and Chemical Engineering -- /F. JAMES -- Vibrations of a Viscous Compressible Fluid in Bounded and Unbounded Domains -- /M. R. LEVITIN -- Shock Wave in Resonant Dispersion Media -- /YU. I. SKRYNNIKOV -- Solitary Vortices - A New Exact Solution of Hydrodynamic Equations -- /A. SKVORTSOV.


    Rodrigues, Jose Francisco; Sequeira, Adelia