264 Pages
    by CRC Press

    264 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers gives mechanical engineers convenient access to the essential problem solving tools that they use each day. It covers applications employed in many different facets of mechanical engineering, from basic through advanced, to ensure that you will easily find answers you need in this handy guide.
    For the engineer venturing out of familiar territory, the chapters cover fundamentals like physical constants, derivatives, integrals, Fourier transforms, Bessel functions, and Legendre functions. For the experts, it includes thorough sections on the more advanced topics of partial differential equations, approximation methods, and numerical methods, often used in applications. The guide reviews statistics for analyzing engineering data and making inferences, so professionals can extract useful information even with the presence of randomness and uncertainty. The convenient Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers is an indispensable summary of mathematics processes needed by engineers.

    Linear Algebra and Matrices
    Vector Algebra and Calculus
    Difference Equations
    Differential Equations
    Integral Equations
    Approximation Methods
    Integral Transforms
    Calculus of Variations Approximation
    Optimization Methods
    Engineering Statistics
    Numerical Methods
    Experimental Uncertainty Analysis
    Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
    Appendix A-Properties of Gases and Vapors.
    Appendix B-Properties of Liquids
    Appendix C-Properties of Solids
    Appendix D-SI Units


    Kreith, Frank; Ames, William F.; Cain, George; Tong, Y. L.; Steele, W. Glenn; Coleman, Hugh W.; Kautz, Richard L.; Frangopol, Dan M.; Norton, Paul