1st Edition

Mathematics of Quantum Computation and Quantum Technology

Edited By Louis Kauffman, Samuel J. Lomonaco Copyright 2008
    631 Pages 249 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    631 Pages 249 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Research and development in the pioneering field of quantum computing involve just about every facet of science and engineering, including the significant areas of mathematics and physics. Based on the firm understanding that mathematics and physics are equal partners in the continuing study of quantum science, Mathematics of Quantum Computation and Quantum Technology explores the rapid mathematical advancements made in this field in recent years.

    Novel Viewpoints on Numerous Aspects of Quantum Computing and Technology
    Edited by a well-respected team of experts, this volume compiles contributions from specialists across various disciplines. It contains four main parts, beginning with topics in quantum computing that include quantum algorithms and hidden subgroups, quantum search, algorithmic complexity, and quantum simulation. The next section covers quantum technology, such as mathematical tools, quantum wave functions, superconducting quantum computing interference devices (SQUIDs), and optical quantum computing. The section on quantum information deals with error correction, cryptography, entanglement, and communication. The final part explores topological quantum computation, knot theory, category algebra, and logic.

    The Tools You Need to Tackle the Next Generation of Quantum Technology
    This book facilitates both the construction of a common quantum language and the development of interdisciplinary quantum techniques, which will aid efforts in the pursuit of the ultimate goal-a "real" scalable quantum computer.


    Quantum Hidden Subgroup Algorithms: An Algorithmic Toolkit
    Samuel J. Lomonaco and Louis H. Kauffman

    A Realization Scheme for Quantum Multi-Object Search
    Zijian Diao, Goong Chen, and Peter Shiue

    On Interpolating between Quantum and Classical Complexity Classes
    J. Maurice Rojas

    Quantum Algorithms for Hamiltonian Simulation
    Dominic W. Berry, Graeme Ahokas, Richard Cleve, and Barry C. Sanders

    New Mathematical Tools for Quantum Technology
    C. Bracher, M. Kleber, and T. Kramer

    The Probabilistic Nature of Quantum Mechanics
    Leon Cohen

    Superconducting Quantum Computing Devices
    Zhigang Zhang and Goong Chen

    Nondeterministic Logic Gates in Optical Quantum Computing
    Federico M. Spedalieri, Jonathan P. Dowling, and Hwang Lee

    Exploiting Entanglement in Quantum Cryptographic Probes
    Howard E. Brandt

    Nonbinary Stabilizer Codes
    Pradeep Kiran Sarvepalli, Salah A. Aly, and Andreas Klappenecker

    Accessible Information about Quantum States: An Open Optimization Problem
    Jun Suzuki, Syed M. Assad, and Berthold-Georg Englert

    Quantum Entanglement: Concepts and Criteria
    Fu-li Li and M. Suhail Zubairy

    Parametrizations of Positive Matrices with Applications
    M. Tseng, H. Zhou, and V. Ramakrishna

    Quantum Computing and Quantum Topology
    Louis H. Kauffman and Samuel J. Lomonaco

    Temperley-Lieb Algebra: From Knot Theory to Logic and Computation via Quantum Mechanics
    Samson Abramsky

    Quantum Measurements without Sums
    Bob Coecke and Dusko Pavlovic



    Goong Chen, Louis Kauffman, Samuel J. Lomonaco