1st Edition

Mature Women Students Separating Of Connecting Family And Education

By Rosalind Edwards Copyright 1993
    192 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    First Published in 1993. At a time when more mature women are encouraged to enter higher education, this book investigates the effects that being a student has on women's family and social relationships. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Mature Women Students draws on in-depth interviews with women of different ethnic backgrounds and social classes -all mothers and in long-term relationships with a man. The result is a comprehensive picture of the shifting patterns of the women's lives at various stages of social science degree-level study. This picture reveals, amongst other things, that the public and private spheres of education and family are not separate entities; they interact and impinge, with particular implications for the position of women within each sphere. This accessible and challenging book illuminates an important and growing issue in women's lives and in society.

    List of Tables and Figures, Advisory Editorial Board, Acknowledgments, Chapter 1 The Political and the Personal, Chapter 2 Separating and Connecting Public and Private Worlds, Chapter 3 Family and Education: Meanings in Childhood and Adulthood, Chapter 4 'Greedy Institutions': Straddling the Worlds of Family and Education, Chapter 5 Women and Family Life in the Academic and Public World, Chapter 6 Power, Interest and Support: The Effects of Education on the Women's Family Lives, Chapter 7 Ways of Being, Chapter 8 Equality in Different Worlds?, Appendix: The Women Interviewed, References, Index


    Rosalind Edwards was a mature woman student when she did her first degree. She is a research fellow at the Social Sciences Research Centre, South Bank University, and has worked as a research officer at the National Children's Bureau.