1st Edition

Maurits of Nassau and the Survival of the Dutch Revolt Comparative Insurgences

By Nick Ridley Copyright 2020
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book describes the crucial period in the monumental eighty-year Dutch struggle against the Spanish Empire, through which a small nation gained its independence from one of the mightiest European powers. Dr. Ridley shows how even though the Dutch Revolt was at its lowest point, Maurits of Nassau and the Dutch fought on and the Revolt survived. It was a turbulent time, with complex diplomacy and shifting alliances, assassination plots, France torn by civil war, Spain spearheading the Counter-Reformation, England facing invasion and Europe eventually convulsed with the Thirty Years' War. In all these, the Dutch Revolt was a significant factor.

    The book also explores subsequent insurgencies over the following three centuries where nationalist groups revolted against European powers, and analyzes and identifies essential factors for a successful insurgency. The key roles of finance and international relations in insurgencies are emphasized. This volume will be informative and compelling reading for readers and students of history, international relations, and insurgencies.

    Introduction: The Dutch Revolt and Other Revolts

    Part I: The Revolt

    1. Early Days

    2. William of Orange Forges a Nation

    Part II: Maurits of Nassau and the Survival of the Dutch Revolt

    3. Sufficient Armed Forces

    4. English Support, Leicester’s Ambition, Oldenbarneveldt’s Steadiness

    5. Parma’s About Turn - and Maurits’ Counterstroke

    6. Politicians Meddling, Flanders "Invaded"

    7. The XII Years Truce - and a Diplomatic Victory

    8. Internal Strife Within the Republic…

    9. …But the Economy Expands

    10. 1621, Renewal of War Looms - and Playing for Time

    11. War Again - and the Dark Hour Before the Dawn

    12. Reasons Why the Dutch Revolt Survived

    13. "The Sinews of War"

    Part III: Later Revolts and Insurgencies

    14. Revolts and Insurgencies over the Next Three Centuries

    Part IV: Maurits of Nassau

    Chapter 15: Maurits of Nassau — His Achievement

    Appendix I: The 1620s Spanish Trade Embargo Against the Dutch Republic


    Nick Ridley, Ph.D., is currently Visiting Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. He has formerly worked as an intelligence analyst with the Metropolitan Police and Europol, has taught at several European universities, and trained police and security forces in Africa and at NATO Centres.

    "I recommend this book for all students studying security, insurgencies and anti-terrorism."

    - Dr. Juul Gooren, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law and Security, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

    "This fascinating historical account is rendered all the more valuable by its comparative analysis of various insurgencies and international reactions to them."

    - Patrick Sookhdeo PhD, DD, formerly Visiting Professor at Cranfield University and the Defence Academy of the UK, Guest Lecturer at the NATO School, and Adjunct Professor of the George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies

    "A compelling account of the Revolt, with valuable insight and analysis into insurgencies."

    - Tomas Oliver, ex Dutch army intelligence officer and security consultant (DAEL)