1st Edition

Max Weber: Classic Monographs

    1872 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set of monographs presents a broad and comprehensive overview of European views on Weber's relevance to twentieth-century sociology. A combination of translations and original writings in English, they represent a sophisticated and contemporary cross-section of comment on his analysis of modern institutions. A common theme to all of these works is a concern for Weber's relevance to the study of industrial and capitalist civilization. There is also a strong focus on political and economic issues in his sociology.
    Many of these volumes are, in themselves, individual classics. As a whole these represent one of the best collections on Weber in English and offer a fundamental research archive and library resource. They are available as a set or as individual volumes. Contents:
    From History to Sociology, Antoni (1940): 0-415-17452-X:
    Max Weber: An Intellectual Portrait, Reinhard Bendix (1966): 0-415-17453-8:
    The Sociology of Max Weber, J. Freund (1966): 0-415-17454-6:
    Max Weber and German Politics, J.P. Mayer (1955): 0-415-17455-4: 0
    Max Weber and Modern Sociology, A. Sahay (1971): 0-415-17456-2:
    Weber and Islam, B. Turner (1974): 0-415-17458-9:
    Weber and the Marxist World, J. Weiss (1981): 0-415-17457-0: