1st Edition

Maximizing Energy Savings and Minimizing Energy Costs

By John M. Studebaker Copyright 2008
    356 Pages
    by River Publishers

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    There are so many different energy “fixes” available today, that many energy users are hesitant to do anything because of the apparent complexity of these “fixes”. Large energy users have completely lost sight of the fact that they may not need time-consuming, large investment strategies.  Strange as this may sound, many users today have little or no practical knowledge about their energy purchases.  This book covers the basics of rates, components of energy purchases, and the methods and techniques required for maximizing energy savings and minimizing costs.  For new energy manager or seasoned energy professionals, this book provides the foundation upon which any successful, long-term energy strategy should be based.

    1 – Regulation of Utilities
    2 – Developing a Strategy for Reducing Electricity Costs
    3 – The Electricity Utility Bill
    4 – Electricity Deregulation
    5 – Electricity Deregulation: The Current Status
    6 – Deregulation: The Process
    7 – Cogeneration
    8 – Natural Gas
    9 – The Natural Gas Utility Bill
    10 – Natural Gas: An Overview
    11 – Natural Gas Regulation
    12 – Reducing Natural Gas Costs
    13 – The Natural Gas Flow Process
    14 – The Natural Gas Billing Process
    15 – The Propane-Air System
    16 – The Natural Gas Deregulation Process
    17 – The Natural Gas Contract Process
    18 – The Monthly Natural Gas Billing Procedure
    19 – Natural Gas Cost Reduction Strategies
    20 – Electricity & Natural Gas Hedging Strategies
    21 – Electricity & Natural Gas Savings Opportunities